Thursday, June 12, 2008

Please Vote

Okay we have a slight hitch in the plans
If we each get one week to do our post and thoughts with only 1 book a week and one hero it will take us until 2010 to finish.
Already it is going to take us until December to get through the whole list once. So I have posted a poll on the right side
Do you want to continue (what does it matter we love DIK so take as long as you want ) with the weekly idea
or do you want to shorten the time like JenB suggested. M-W (blogger 1) R -Saturday (blogger 2) and Sunday Relax
Please keep in mind the first week of the month is AUTHOR SPOTLIGHT they get a whole week so that's safe but for the rest of us how would you like to do it?
I will take the poll down Sunday and let you know the results on Monday with my About Me page!
I'm okay with either I just need to know so I can set people up and get the schedule out.


Tracy said...

LOL - I like your 4th option!!! :)

Sarai said...

LOL me too I thought it totally fit *g* It looks like 3 days a week so that's cool just sent the rules out

Kim said...

Maybe if we get worried about time, when it is our turn to post about a book on our list, we could make the post about 2 books from our list.
IDK...Would that help?

*color kim confused* LOL

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