Monday, June 16, 2008

About Me featuring Tracy

Our next contestant is Tracy. Tracy lives in Southern California, burns easily and has no clue what she wants to do when she grows up!
(She also has no idea what cause this man is naked for, but who really cares?)

Favorite Reading Position
In my great big comfortable chair in the office – any position as long as I’m in it.

Favorite Heroine
Wonder Woman! Invisible plane, wrist bands that deflect bullets, truth rope. Come on, you gotta love her!

Author everyone loves but you don’t
I don’t think there is one. Seems even if I don’t like one book or series they always have another to choose that I do like!

If you could be in one book/series/world which would you pick
I think I would like to live in a world kind of like Christine Warren’s Others series. There are weres and vamps and the world knows about them. Doesn’t make life any easier for them, but it keeps it interesting.

How old is your inside voice
About 16 – why else would I giggle when I say I’m ready for DIK…I’m so wrapped up in DIK, let the DIKing begin!

If you could be a hero who would you be
I think Daemon Sadi from the Black Jewels Trilogy. He has power and magic and of course he’s hot!

What heroine is most like you
Why can I only think of books I’ve read recently??? In that case I’d have to say Ciara from Wicked Game by Jeri Smith-Ready. Great sense of humor, sarcastic…doesn’t really take shit from anybody…yep, that’s me!

What heroine would you like to be
Cat from the Night Huntress series – she kicks ass!

Boxers, Briefs, boxer briefs, kilt (I say we add commando)
Definitely commando…with kilt a close second (cuz aren’t they supposed to be commando under all that plaid?)

Favorite book set on a tropical island
I can’t think of one!

What hero is most like your significant other
None. Seriously – I love my husband and he’s wonderful but he does not kick anyone’s ass and he’s the least romantic man I know! lol

What hero would you like to be your significant other
It’s like a smorgasbord and I can’t decide what to eat. How do you choose just 1? I’ll take a little bit of everything please. A little Zsadist, a little Colin A-B, a little Bones, a little Ethan McCabe *sigh* I could snack forever!

If you were stuck on a desert island what 3 things would you bring
A man, a book, and endless supply of bottle water!

Favorite drink to bring to the DIK party
Cadillac Margarita – yum!

You can visit Tracy here or at her blog Ahhhhh Romance.


Marg said...

Daemon Sadi is a great choice!

Shannon said... I don't care what his cause is, I will support him! Damn! Those tats!

Shannon said...

...and your man smorgasbord? Brilliant! :)

MaryKate said...

Wow, look at the pretty tatts. And he's holding his junk.


I love when a man takes himself in hand.

Daemon Sadi is an awesome choice! Although, he's pretty tortured. Are you a tortured soul, Tracy?

Tracy said...

Between the smorgasbord and this man's cause I'm not tortured at all! lol Holding his junk! *snort*

Not really tortured...but I seem to like them. Maybe I'm more of a caretaker than I think I am! ??

Sarai said...

WOW thanks for that this morning.
Seriously wonder woman is an excellent choice!

Katie Reus said...

Yuuuummmmmm!!! I don't know where you found that picture, but damn girl, I'll support whatever his cause is! ;)

Anonymous said...

You can't be Ciara. I haven't read the book yet, but she is MINE.
Can I have your kilt man for my about me post pretty please?

Kim said...

I almost chose Wonder Woman too!!! It's that lasso. Soooo cool and didn't she use it like a whip sometimes? hmmmm.

Tracy said...

I can't have Ciara - what evil do you speak Ciara??? Come on - you haven't read the book! (can I have her until you do?) Of course you can have kilt man! :)

I love Wonder Woman. I hadn't put her on at first cuz I was thinking books but then figured it didn't say book heroine! lol

Christine said...

Hey Tracy!
A Cadillac Margarita, huh? Sounds interesting. What's in one?

I'd love to see everyone include recipes for their island drinks if they are of the mixed drink sort. :)

Tracy said...

A Cadillac Margarita is a regular margarita, on the rocks with a shot of Gran Marnier on the top. Yum, yum, yum!

little alys said...

WonderWoman!!! I love her!

JenB said...

I'm sorry, but I didn't see any of the words on this post. I was too busy staring at naked tattoo man. *drools*

I'll be happy to support his cause. Where's the donation box?

LesleyW said...

Wonder Woman is a great choice and brings back memories of Saturday afternoons. :)

I also stuck to a book heroine, and (LOL) I think I was thinking a little more realistically. When I should have let my imagination run wild.

Darn it - should have said Jean Grey. :)

lisabea said...

Christine, did you pack a Pop My Cherry Martini?

We should definitely do a day when we all post our bev du jour on our blogs.

They can be non-alcoholic for you youngsters! NO carrot juice, I beg you.

Tracy said...

ewww - carrot juice! Yuk! Great idea on the drinks, LB.

Pop my cherry martini? Sounds interesting!

Lesley - feel free to change it! :)

Jenb - I know, it's hard to concentrate on the rest of the post when the beautiful man is there staring at you. I wondered earlier if that stuff was edible...I could just lick it off for him! :)

Aymless said...

Daemon Said is so cool! And I wouldn't mind being your guy's cause. *wink*

Katie(babs) said...

I like the buffet reference to the heroes. I feel the sameway!

naida said...

hi Tracy, great pic choice!

LesleyW said...

For anyone who didn't know - and I didn't. His cause is breast cancer.

Sayuri said...

Ethan McCabe...*sigh*
Z...*double sigh*
Colin 'Bloody f**kin' hell' Beaumont-AMes *triple sigh*

I love a man smorgsboard. Nekkid mans are always goos as well.

Sarah said...

Oh Zsadist, he is my fav

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