Sunday, June 22, 2008

About Me featuring Lisabea

Island Girl Lisa lives in Connecticut and besides reading she enjoys skiing, swimming, hiking, theatre and music

Favorite Reading Position

Best love song
Love Raining on Me sung by Eddie Vedder

Favorite Heroine
Savitri Murray

Author everyone loves but you don’t
Srsly..and then we invite that person here and I'm left standing in my underpants. NO. No. no.

If you could be in one book/series/world which would you pick
Regelence. Mmmm....nate....

How old is your inside voice
18 possible 29. It's been a while.

Favorite sex song
Hokey Pokey

If you could be a hero who would you be
Jake Riordan and then I'd kick my own ass.

What heroine is most like you
Charlie Girl. (Demon Night) although I'd like to believe it's Jess from Lord of Scoundrels...

What heroine would you like to be
Savitri Murray...did I already say that?

Boxers, Briefs, boxer briefs, kilt (I say we add commando)
JOCK. Where's the book pimp with more photos?

Favorite book set on a tropical island
er. uh.

What hero is most like your significant other
Nico Lefkas

What hero would you like to be your significant other
G. He's my hero.

If you were stuck on a desert island what 3 things would you bring
Sunscreen (ok this is a running joke if no one KNOWS that) Motrin, Tampons.

Favorite drink to bring to the DIK party
Coffee and Italian Margarita

Where's that question??? Adrien English

You can visit Lisa her or at her blog Nose In A Book...especially on Mondays.
We love Man Love Mondays!


Carrie Lofty said...

What hero is most like your significant other?

Nico Lefkas

You poor thing. He'll never believe you.

MaryKate said...

OK, the Hokey Pokey thing made me snort Diet Dr. Pepper through my nose.

LB, you are the perfect way to start a morning!

Katie Reus said...

Ditto Mary Kate. Hokey Pokey? Awesomeness! And tampons? I can't believe I forgot that one ;)

Carolyn Jean said...

NICO! That is so hilarious. Does he roar his pleasure?

lisabea said...

To my consternation, my nipples hardened.

Sarai said...

Okay so I totally got the running joke now Well I think I do does it have to do with Lanyon's second book? If no then ignore the comment!!!

lisabea said...

heh. Yes.

Hey nice Jet Mykles post!!!!!

Josh Lanyon said...

Ah, so THIS is where you swam to.

Very amusing. I have to check out this little oasis.

Loved the line about kicking Jake's own ass. Although by now I'm totally confused about who's ass you would actually have kicked. But you'd take no prisoners, that I know!

Katie(babs) said...

Doesn't reading missionary give you a crick in the neck?

Put your left foot in,
Your left foot out,
Your left foot in,
And shake it all about.
You do the hokey pokey
And turn yourself around.

Now put your right foot in,
Your right foot out,
Right foot in
Then you shake it all about.
And then you do the Hokey Pokey
Turn yourself around,
That's what it's all about.

You put your head in,
You put your head out,
Put your head in,
And bang it all about.
Do the Hokey Pokey
And turn yourself around.
That's what it's all about.

Let's Do the Hokey Pokey!
Let's Do the Hokey Pokey!
Let's Do the Hokey Pokey!
That's what it's all about.

Put your right hand in,
Your right hand out,
Your right hand in,
And shake it all about,
You do the Hokey Pokey,
And you turn yourself around.

Now put your tongue in,
And your tongue out,
Tongue in,
And Blblblblbl!
You do the Hokey Pokey
Turn yourself around
That's what it's all about.

Tracy said...

I think it's very cool that G is your hero! awww.

If I was Jake I'd kick my own ass too!

Hokey pokey - that's funny.

Kim said...

Great answers LB!
Mmmmmm Nico...the hummus king.

Gotta go look up that love song and guy on youtube.

Ana said...

Who is Nico Lefkas?

*feels left out*

Ana said...

I am such a dumbass!!! Nico is the from the incrediblylongtitledfunnyonlinestory right?

lisabea said...

ana- g. is such a captain of industry that nico is the perfect match.

kim-did u listen to eddie sing that? crikey, I need a post coital cigarette after listening to him.

Tumperkin said...

L does G's powerpoints in a prairie dress.

It's TRUE!

little alys said...

...I don't know how to comment...too funny. >_<
Yeah, cannot comment. Too funny. Can't breath, laughing too much. ^_^

Katie(babs) said...

The hokey pokey contest will start in 10 minutes near the volleyball pit...

Kim said...

LB- I couldn't find him singing that song on youtube. I listened to another one of his there though and now I recognize the sound.

Where is that song? Did you find it somewhere else? link please.

T- lmao...prarie dress. *snort*

lisabea said...

i'm in the norfolk airport where the intertube is ' I remain on my trusty cell phone.

t-my muffins buttered at least.

kim- I just have the song from I vid.

katie- if I do the hokey pokey here...i'll be arrested for suspicious behaviour.

LesleyW said...

I didn't get the sunscreen but then I did after Sarai's comment. Gosh I am so slow. Just got book 2.

sula said...

lolol. be jake so you can kick your own ass. *snort* i heart u, lb.

lisabea said...

I am an ass...but even j liked that one.
my children are purposely driving me crazy for entertainment...their own. grrh

Christine said...

LOL great answers LB. I think I've got a few duplicates with you. At least over one said female with initials SM. ;)

Thank God you and MK are bringing feminine supplies.... although I vote for this island to have special magical powers so that we don't get our damn cycles while we're there. I mean THIS ISLAND IS OUR FANTASY, RIGHT? *ahem* :D

Shannon said...

My brain is trying to kill me. I have all sorts of horrible images going through it right now of a sexual hokey pokey. Eeek! No ones foot is being put into any part of me!!!! And they certainly are not going to shake it all about!

Stephanie*magic* said...


lisabea said...

Why do we not have the favorite hero question? I can't remember and as I recall when all these emails were flying around I was writing. DANG.

I think we should add it...or not.

Aymless said...

I vote with Christine! Magic island totally rocks! Let's add no hang-overs and no headaches too.

Sayuri said...

I have to ask..Is that Colin Farrell? Me likes teh but-tocks!

jessewave said...

Hi Lisabea

As usual I'm late to the party. Did you say Hokey Pokey? Hmmmm!! Trying to figure this one out LOL Gee, this is so hard :)

I voted for commando.

Sarah said...

You make me laugh, very inelegant snorting all over ones laptop thank you!!!

lisabea said...

Sayuri~I don't know who he is..but I call him Nate. That's my "I'm thinkin' bout my captain" photo. Who the heck is in your little photo. I swear that looks like Billy Joel.

Sayuri said...

Lisbea - Hahahaha! It's Richard Armitage and Keith Allen (He's the Billy Joel look-a-like.) from the BBC version of Robin Hood. Me just loves a bit o' manly sexual tension. It does funny things to my insides.

Samantha Kane said...

lb ~ hilarious as usual. But, um, exactly what would YOU do on Regelence? I'm drawing a complete blank. Unless you act like one of those Greek choruses and chant the hokey pokey in the background.

lisabea said...

Well, Sam, I'd pull up a chair and watch. And maybe tempt that Nate to the dark side.

Ok maybe I want to grab Michael the Guardian and head for Caelum (spelling thing)..I mean he's not even spoken for yet!!!

Samantha Kane said...

And maybe tempt that Nate to the dark side.

I hear they have cookies there.

lisabea said...


Hey is it true they changed the name of the cookie monster to the snack monster?


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