Thursday, June 12, 2008

Da Rulz

The rules for DIK Blogging

Okay here we go:

1. When it is your turn pick one book from your list to blog about. (Explain to us why you HAD to bring it along and why we should read it) Once we are done with our 6 books then we will move on to recent reads we have or whatever TRUST ME I’m sure we’ll come up with something. *g*

2. During that post if your hero matches go ahead and tell us about it. If not you can post a second time during your turn on your hero.

3. Each of us are in a certain (random actually) order which will follow like this: (I think there 2 more waiting to be added when we get your books we will add ya *wink*)
Kristie J
Little Alys
Lesley W
Katie Reus
Thumperkin ?
Shannon C.
Lee B.

4. When it is your turn please follow rules 1 and 2

5. If you need to pass on your turn PLEASE let us know so that we can inform the person behind you or fill in for you ourselves with random topics.

6. We want authors to visit our site but we want them to be aware of when and what is going on. So the FIRST week of every month is Author Spotlight (separate rules to follow) That is the time a person who invited the author can have A WHOLE 3 DAYS to have fun with them. So far we are scheduled (tentatively) as follows:

July: Jeri Smith-Ready (Tracy is in charge)
September: Ann Aguirre (Katiebabs is in charge)
September: Josh Lanyon (Lisabea is in charge)
October: M/M (Man Loving Spotlight) 6 authors 6 days = nothing but fun (Lisabea is in charge) November

Tracy is keeping track of the list and who we want. Please let her know at if you would like to see someone or you know of an author interested.

7. Before you ask Yes we can have more then one author BUT if we do you must get together with the other person (Example: If I want to have Meljean Brook in September and Katie(babs) wants to have Ann A. then Katie and I need to work it out so both authors get a chance to have fun!) *cough* um no longer applies please carry on.

8. PLEASE remember each of us like different things. Some of us might like something different
then others but that’s okay RESPECT it. If you didn’t like a book fine just say that and move on.
THERE WILL BE ABSOLUTELY NO DISRESPECT. If you disrespect someone, put them
down as a person, or hurt a member of this group YOU WILL BE BANNED and I don’t care if you like it or not. (THIS INCLUDES COMMENTS. NO DISRESPECTING PERIOD)

9. PLEASE respect the authors again if you don’t I will ban you. (No I do not have a God complex. Well slightly but I still demand respect again samething about comments.)

Thank you,


lisabea said...


Has your head exploded yet?

Aymless said...

Whee. Thanks for doing this Sarai. *hug*

MaryKate said...


She's strict.


Tracy said...

You rock!

Katie Reus said...

Sarai, you're awesome!!

naida said...

the blog looks great sarai!

Dev said...

Looks great! I look forward to seeing what books/heroes you'll be posting about :-)

Aymless said...

Whatcha all think about the theme song? I was thinking "Its Raining Men" by the Weather Girls

DIK Ladies said...

Thank you, thank you! The rules were a B*tch to write b/c I hate rulz but they had to be stated (at least the last 2 did) So now it's on the fun in the sun and all that jazz.
Theme song is great now everytime we click on start humming it's raining me *g*

DIK Ladies said...

It's raining menz I mean not me b/c me raining not pretty...
*clears throat* So we will seriously pick up on Monday make sure you've turned in your ABOUT ME stuff so we can post!!!

jessewave said...

Sarai and Amy

Everything looks great. You guys rock. Thanks for inviting me (OK I begged, but you did invite me afterwards LOL)

Sarai said...

Hey we're glad to have ya WAVE!!!

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