Friday, June 13, 2008


Alright de authors have spoken and de spots are being filled YES!!!

As it stands: (Please pretend this is in an announcer like voice)

June 30 thru. July 2 is JERI READY SMITH (OMG I can't wait to read Wicked)
July 3 thru. July 5 : EVANGELINE ANDERSON

August 4 thru. August 6: COLLEEN GLEASON (OH YEAH)
August 7 thru. August 9: JACKI FRANK (OMG I love me some Noah *clears throat* sorry)

September 1 thru. September 3: ANN AGUIRRE (So OMG she's coming here!!!)
September 4 thru. September 6: NALINI SINGH (Oh I heart you!!!)
September 8 thru 10: JL LANGLEY
September Surprise: JOSH LANYON (Fanyons unite!!!!)
(and another SECRET we are still waiting on shhhhh!!!)

September 29 thru. October 4: M/M Romance writers including:
ALLY BLUE (I want to read Fireflies so bad I can taste it.)
JET MYKLES (OMG I love the Heaven series!!!!)
JAMES BUCHANAN (Please I want to read, please with cherries on top someone let me borrow... please?)

November 3 thru. November 5: MICHELE LANG (YEAH!!!)
November 6 thru. November 8: MELJEAN BROOK (ha, ha suckas)

December 1 thru. December 3: secret still waiting to confirm
December 4 thru. December 6: SHILOH WALKER (I have her book I will read her book and though I've never read anything by her I'm totally stoaked...)

January 4: Sarai's B-day We want Lara Adrian to appear *cough* Okay Sarai wants Lara Adrian to appear so if anyone knows of anyone who would/could ask Ms. Adrian to appear on Sarai's birthday I know for a fact Sarai would appreciate it *cough* (both Tracy and Sarai have contacted her but if anyone knows her personally...ask away!)
And if you happen to mention that Sarai would like the name of Harvard's herione to be Sara she would also appreciate it. Even though Sarai understands that won't happen it would still be nice if someone asked *cough* thank you,


JenB said...

Wow, what a lineup!!! totally need to read THE GOOD THIEF by James Buchanan.

And your comments about Lara Adrian don't sound creepy or stalker-ish. Noooo, not at all. *raises eyebrow*

Mary M. said...
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Mary M. said...

I can only repeat what Jen said, what a lineup!!!! Jacqueline Frank! Meljean! Nalini! And all those M/M authors! I'm already drooling like I was in a candy store. Yet another blog to bookmark. Shit, soon I won't be able to visit them all everyday.

Sarai said...

OMG I know stalker me pfft no way right?
RIGHT? oh for pete's sake fine I WILL NOT STALK LARA. I swear, pinky swear but if she did stop by wouldn't that ROCK???
What? Just sayin...
oh and as a side note WELCOM Mary M IDK about you but who cares about the other sites DIK all the way for me baby *wink*

Wendy said...

Hahah Sarai, you STALKER. S'ok, I'd totally stalk Lara if I wasn't stalking A- *cough* nevermind..

Aymless said...

Whee! We've got so many already. This is great.

The book list is almost complete. I have to say we will have a rockin' library on our desert island.

Sarah said...

Woot! Sounds great! And I totally 2nd jenb, you should also give Cheating Chance a whirl!

Good work ladies, it looks like it will be fab!

Ana said...

Honestly, this is going to be (already is) one of the coolest places to be around! Well done ladies!

Shannon said...

Wow, look at all the authors I need to start reading! This is great.Keep up the good work!

Katie(babs) said...

We have 2008 set!! I have some authors for 2009 I can take out of my pocket :D

jessewave said...


I think that the lineup looks fab. Guess I will have to do more reading *sigh*

Tracy said...

This is gonna be a ton of fun!

Stephanie*magic* said...

Great lineup ladies!!
*pretending I know nothing about do do* :D

little alys said...

I love the line up, but who put me to do Ms. J. Franks?'t read her yet. *covers head* Don't hurt me! It's also right after SF...

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