Friday, June 27, 2008

About Me featuring Amy

Amy lives in Northern California, is a Gemini and loves knitting. (does that sound too much like a Dating Game intro?)

Favorite Reading Position
Sitting in a nice hot bath with lavender candle. Very peaceful. Only you get pruney from sitting in water for so long.

Best love song
Don't really have one.

Favorite Heroine
Janelle Angelline from the Black Jewels by Anne Bishop. She can kick ass but doesn't unless she has to, but then its total annihilation! If your gonna do it, go all the way I say! And she has Daemon Sadi. What more is there to say?

Author everyone loves but you don’t
It's not that I don't like Nora Roberts/JD Robb. It just that I can't seems to get interested in her enough to read. I have a trilogy of hers (the Circle Trilogy) in my TBR but its way down at the bottom.

If you could be in one book/series/world which would you pick
Oh tough. I like the Fading Lands by CL Wilson, but there's a big war coming, don't know if I want to go through that. I think I would like to live the Nalini Singh's Psy-Changling world. Sounds very clean, environmentally friendly and it has catmen! ^_^ Still holding out for my every own tigerman *sigh*

How old is your inside voice
5. Old enough to be independent but have no responsibilities and everything is about what I NEED!

Favorite sex song
Don't have one

If you could be a hero who would you be
I wanna be BATMAN! He has all those really cool toys! Fighting the forces of evil with style. *g*

What heroine is most like you
I guess I'm a bit like Brenna from Caressed by Ice by Nalini Singh. Stubborn is definitely my middle name. And Sassy. I'm a tell it the way it is and no sugar coating. All my friends know that if you want an honest opinion on something to ask me. I could probably be more tactful at times, but mostly my pals don't mind my general irreverence towards most everything. And at times a bit blood thirsty.

What heroine would you like to be
This one is so hard. I like so many of them. Not sure who I would want to be. I like being me (well, me with more $ would be better). But if I have to chose, I think I would want to be Ellysetta Baristani. Tall (I so wanna be tall), powerful but still vulnerable. Caring and gentle but go for blood at when love ones are hurt. And she has Rain! Okay so I'm stuck on hot men who can turn into big cats. Where's mine?

Boxers, Briefs, boxer briefs, kilt (I say we add commando)
COMMANDO! Whee! But if we have to chose undergarments I would have to go with boxer briefs. Makes for way better eye candy. Hugging all the wonderful curves.

Favorite book set on a tropical island
The Pirate by Jayne Ann Krentz Honestly its the only one I can think of at this time.

What hero is most like your significant other
SO? What's that? LOL Don't have one but if I did I would want him to be like Hari from Tiger Eye by Marjorie M Liu. Tigerman! Yummy. Personality-wise I think I would have to go with Lucas from Slave to Sensation by Nalini Singh. I need someone to make me try new things.

What hero would you like to be your significant other
Oops. answered above. Hari or Lucas

If you were stuck on a desert island what 3 things would you bring
Lots and lots of sparkling water, computer with solar power and magic internet connections, a yummy 'cabana boy' to help out with things. ^_~

Favorite drink to bring to the DIK party
Chocolate Orgasms! ^_^

You can visit Amy here or on her blog Aimless Ramblings About Living Life


Ana said...

What is that photo I see in the horizon? Could it be Errol Flynn???? Teh original Robin Hood? Awesome!

I ALMOST chose to be in the world of Fadind Lands. Great asnwers!

Tracy said...

I could never sit in the tub while reading. I tried it once and dropped the book! lol Never again. :)

I so love Janelle from BJT. She's so amazing. She seems so quiet and reserved and then she magically kicks ass.

Ooooh that chocolate orgasm sounds gooood!

Aymless said...
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Ciara said...

I finally bought The Black Jewels Trilogy so I can see what all the fuss is about. *grin* I like this game because it turns me on to so many great books! The chocolate orgasm sounds good. What's in it?

Christine said...

Hi Amy!
Nora Roberts' Circle Trilogy is kind of 'eh.' It wasn't bad... just not terribly exciting.

Thanks for including the link to the Chocolate Orgasm! Sounds deliciously sinful!

little alys said...

Amy!!! We getting chocolate orgasm in SF. You're all getting one! ^_~

Hari and Lucas. *happy sigh*
*thinks really hard and thoughts start to go towards another place*


jessewave said...

Wow Amy - Errol Flynn and a chocolate orgasm. Heaven.

Aymless said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Aymless said...

One should no blog while still groggy with sleep and medication (typos stink)

Yup, tub reading is detrimental to ones books. But its so comfy! I'm constantly buy new books (new used books) to replace the hopeless ones. Still waiting for the water-proof e-reader.

Is Errol totally hot!? When I saw Cary Elwes in the Princess Bride, I said, he should play Robin Hood! And he did!

Chocolate orgasms to everyone! Why have a simple orgasm if you can have a chocolate one!

Katie Reus said...

Chocolate orgasm, what a great combination ;)

JenB said...

Ooooh, I really wanna try that drink. Yum!!

The book/bath thing would be such a disaster for me. I'm imagining a whole shelf full of water-warped books. LOL

Katie(babs) said...

Errol Flynn is on my list of dead men I would sleep with.
Hmmmm chocolate orgasms!

Shannon said...

Man, I wish my tub was big enough to actually soak in. Maybe I am just too tall.

Dude, Chocolate Orgasm. Nice!!!

lisabea said...

I love reading in the tub. Good call.

Sarai said...

Errol Flynn!!! OMG you rock!
I love to read in the tub no distractions!

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