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Alright Ladies welcome to DIK (Desert Island Keepers)! This idea was formed when I visited Tracy’s blog and saw a comment "I need to keep a list of all the books you guys suggested I can’t remember them all" give or take *cued lightbulb moment* So I thought to myself what if WE had a blog. A blog that we were all able to post about a book we picked to go on the island and why. (In other words a mini/long review of the book) then a couple days later post on the hero we picked and why?

Some of us had different reasons *cough Marykate cough* while some of us picked our favorite hero *cough Kristie cough* So I want to know why we picked the heroes we did. In between those post Tracy or myself or the person’s whose week it is can pick a random topic for us all to discuss like: Which heroes should we have picked ect...

To start off Ciara had a fantastic idea: We should all have an about us page that has pictures we like and information: Like our favorite drink (cherry coke with a shot of Captain Silver) or favorite food (pasta) what we like (walks on a beach under the moonlight) you know the norm. I think it’s a great idea!!!

After everyone has posted their About Me page I will add it to the links on the side when we are done!

Random authors will be stopping by to meet and talk with us as well as share their DIK picks and heroes *g* If you know of any interested (or you are one and are interested) just email us and we will make it work for your schedule!!!

I will start off the posting next week. If you have any suggestions of post topics let me know! I will think of good subjects I’m sure, oh and the added sexy pics of men are always welcomed *g*
So that’s it ladies, that’s DIK in a nutshell let me know what you think and Oh by the way does anyone have a banner that will work better This is one is too much like mountains for me not enough island... MK already took care of it SHE ROCKS! Will put it up sometime today *happy dance*


Ana said...

Yay! we are up!

So, how do we do the about us section again?

Tracy said...

Yeah baby!! Looking forward to the fun!

DIK Ladies said...

Ana we are going to send out an email with all the questions to choose from then you just publish a post on your day Called About Me: insert name
Then your label will be
Name, About Me and i will link it to the side like I do my reviews *g* unless you can think of another way?

Katie(babs) said...

This is great!!
*Oh pool boy get me my margarita!*
*Gives Ana the evil eye as she tries to sneak into my tent to steal Sully*

little alys said...

And it begins again...(cue dramatic mustic please)... =D

MaryKate said...

*MK blinks innocently*

Again I say, I have no idea what anyone is talking about with regard to my picks.

Can't help the draft order, baybee!

Aymless said...


I'll gather up everyone's books and make list and we can post here ^_^ (it will keep me off the streets!)

Tracy said...

Oh thank you Aymless! I know some of the later stowaways had some books that were already on the list, but I don't think that should be too big of an issue.

Sarai said...

Oh thank god amyless b/c others have been asking and I have been shaking my head and crossing my arms I DO NOT want to do it *g* Starbucks already thinks I am a stalker...

Tracy said...

OK - LOVE the banner! Thanks MK!

Christine said...

Great job setting this up, girls. And congratulations to us!!

*pops open champagne*

Sarai said...

I know we so totally need a toast.
Here's to a great DIK run... no
Here's to getting DIK up... better
Here's to fun with DIK... little better

Aymless said...

JenB! can't find you 6 DIK books on your site!

LesleyW said...

LOL - Sarai. Here's to DIK.

I've got to go and find my six books.

LesleyW said...

Found my list.

OMG one of my books was The Complete Ivory by Doris Egan. LOL that book is 900 pages long. See I really was planning to be stuck on a desert island.

Aymless said...

Wheee.... Finished compiling THE LIST. e-mailed it out to everyone (hopefully).

LesleyW: I couldn't find you list on your site. Can you list here? Then we can add to list. ^_^

LesleyW said...

Yep, here it is. (I did mine at Thrillionth Page)

The Time Traveller's Wife - Audrey Niffenegger (still don't know if I've spelt her surname right)

12th Night - Shakespeare

Bitten - Kelley Armstrong

A Civil Campaign - Lois McMaster Bujold

A Crack in Forever - Jeannie Brewer

The Complete Ivory - Doris Egan

Aymless said...

I'm having e-mail problems with all the and addresses. Comcast says it has something to do with your server (of course not their problem... *grumble*). It thinks I'm spam. *sigh* Can you guys put me on an accept list or something?

But I get your e-mails okay. ^_^

lisabea said...

Holy crap I couldn't find it!

I had it on my blog roll and messed it up. OK adding to reader...NOW

Kristie (J) said...

Ooooohhh - what a fine looking island that is!!! I can see me being there - with books and heroes

Ana said...

*basks in the sun*

"Sebastian, please honey, can you bring me a pina colada? Bowen, sweetie, a little bit further down if you may. ah, yes, that's it. No Mulder, you can not go investigate the powers surrounding Sully - I told you before, you have much investigating to do in my body, plus I am not sure Katie will be happy about you poking around. Wait a minute. She may actually like that."

It's so very nice in here.

Sarah said...

Cool! Sorry so late, long day. Work blows and am hanging out for the weekend.

Fab idea, just email me what you want and I'll hop to it!

Katie(babs) said...

*Kate yawns barely moving because SULLY blew her mind so many times last night*

jessewave said...

DIK Ladies

I know that I'm not a member but can I post MY list? I have cocktail in hand (rum runner), sunscreen, deck chair etc., etc., and I'm sitting here in the sun on the island. My cellphone can't pick up the signal but I think my computer still works LOL

Ana said...

Yes, you go ahead Katie, rub it in. *shifty*

Sarai said...

If you would like to be added today is the last day. Send me your email with a list of 6 books or better yet list your books here and Aymless will let add you that way.
Still email me so I can put you on the offical list and email pile!
Oh and I need a link to your blog... Yeah that's it so far I will send ya the rules and whatnot

Katie(babs) said...

Ana: I am exclusively shifty.
now where is Roarke? Heads over all shifty like to MK's hut.

JenB said...

My DIK books are up on my blog now, on the left side.

jessewave said...

Sarai thank you - I'm now drinking my rum runner. (That went down so well) So here's my DIK list (this is so hard to pick 6. )Sorry, my list is not esoteric, it's unashamedly M/M

The Assignment by Evangeline Anderson
My Fair Captain by J.L. Langley
Diplomacy by Zahra Owens
Bareback by Chris Owen
The Draegan Lords by J.L. Langley
Adrien English Mysteries by Josh Lanyon (haven't read it as yet so it will be great to take on the island)

Here's the link to my blog

I'll email you this information as soon as I post this.
Thanks DIK ladies - I'll drink to that LOL


Shannon C. said...

I also want to stow away. My list leads heavily toward fantasy, but here it is anyway.

A Song of Ice and Fire series by George R. R. Martin - I know... that's more than one book, but they're not the sort of books you can just read in whatever order.
The Little Country by Charles de Lint
A Wrinkle in Time by Madeleine L'Engle
Brothers in Arms by Lois McMaster Bujold
The Viscount Who Loved Me by Julia Quinn
Demon Night by Meljean Brook - This might actually (is probably) already on the island, but I needed a paranormal romance I would love to reread again, and my mind completely blanked on any other titles.

lisabea said...

SHANNON C!!!!!!!!!!! I heart her! She's a PAL!

Hey can I invite a PAL to help me with my week if that PAL is a stowaway and, er, missed out on DIK?

Sarai said...

LB don't worry she is now an official member (hey I never did figure out how to spell that word...

Anonymous said...


can i ask if you are going to pick run the draft every year? Or was it just a one off thing?

I'd like to book passage to the island next year if there are any spaces left? It's such an awesome spot.

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