Monday, November 10, 2008

Day 2 full of unreal people


Ah heroes. How can I pick? Well...

Aymless already listed the few she and I would share: Hari and Vasic... why them? and whom else are in my hut?

Hari is gentle. So very gentle. I like nice guys. Not many around, you know?

Vasic is so NOT, but yet he is. Remember the scene when he held the young girl from Dorian. I wanted to cry. And help him…with smex therapy. Lots of smex therapy. I'm sure it'll help him...Teehee.

Riley from Psy/Changeling series.
So…he’s only tentative. He’s a good lieutenant, a good brother, and hot. He’s taken by Mercy, so I’m adding her to my list. I’d be okay with a ménage a trios with them, but I know they’re happy together.

Roland from Dirk/Steele series by Marjorie M. Liu

I don’t care, I want him. I know he has problems and a terrible potty mouth, but I want him. I know Ms. Liu already mentioned his issues (which I promptly forgot because I don't care), I want him. He makes me laugh. ^_^. He’s sweet even as he’s dorky. Takes care of everyone, but just himself enough to be an a**. This is the type I just want to grab and screw his brains out shake a little sense into him. Well, more like watch him fall from his height all the while showing what a big mush he truly is on the inside. Someday...

Grant Morgan/Nick Gentry from the Bow Street Runners by Lisa Kleypas.
Again, I put both of them because I wasn’t too sure. Both strong, protective pig headed and sweet on the inside. Grant a big more gruff and Nick a bit more rough. Both just so right. Why do I sound like I'm talking about a chocolate cookie?

Devon from Somewhere my Love by Karen Fox
This is an old one and Dev was only a side character that appeared towards the end, but I just found him intriguing. Okay, he was a manipulative a**, but I really wanted to see him fall for a woman that could kiss is a**. :) His psy abilities will come in handy too.

Momo/Goda Takeshi from Kimi Wa Petto (I refuse to use the butchered English title) .

Okay, I caved and listed a manga character. I couldn’t help it. Momo’s just too adorable. He’s so sweet and sexy too. If I could have a ‘pet’ like him, I’d be extremely happy. Of course, it helps that I actually related to Sumire. To escape his problems, Takeshi ran away and was found by the older Sumire. To scare him, Sumire proposed that Takeshi be her ‘pet’ which he agrees to. She names him Momo after her dog from her childhood and as such, they become each other’s support as a dog and owner would…except, it develops. Teehee. I do like Hasumi senpai, Sumire’s boyfriend, but Momo and Sumire are truly perfect.

Marc from Craving Beauty by Nalini Singh.
I said he was in my hut already. Rough and gruff, but extremely handy with his hands, I have no worries about being out of firewood. He’s an alpha I’d be happy to be with. Smart, hard working, but with deep vulnerabilities, Marc’s willing to risk it all. What not to love?

Of course I’m bringing some heroines, since I was in the HLO at some point in the past. ;)

Mercy - Psy/Changeling
I do like Mercy. She’s sassy, smart, and independent. She doesn’t take crap from anyone, but incredibly supportive.

Yoko - The Twelve Kingdoms
How can I not bring her? She’s resourceful, smart, and will probably kill me for bringing her, but it would really be something to be able to sit down and chat with her.

Elisa - The Gargoyles
She was a great character. Independent, smart, and so accepting. She’d fit right in. :)

Dot - Animaniacs
Oh, Dot. Can you imagine how fun the island will be with her there?

You realize that I bring most of them to be my friend rather than sex slaves feather dusters. I’d probably do favor Vasic and Roland togetherwithme and also Dev because they're more my type: dangerously hot and completely single. It’s hard to imagine myself with even a fictional character when they’re so happy with their own heroine. I may love them, but I don’t want them. I like 'em unattached and all mine. =D No vengeful woman coming here for what's hers.

Why is it so quiet in blogland lately? Is it the intensity of NaNo? Is it because I’m boring? Is it because Imgoingtotryandtakeovertheisland. heheheheheehehhehe. Nah, I'll be good.


Bridget Locke said...

Oh, Vasic! I cannot WAIT for his book. Mmmmm. :)

I'm a big fan of the tough, a-hole hero who has a soft-spot for his woman. It just melts my insides. :) It doesn't hurt when he's a total hottie with a dominant streak in the bedroom. I'm thinking that'll be Vasic.

A girl can wish, anyway. he-he

Sarah said...

Love the pics and cool heroes. ;) You have some cool pics!

KT Grant said...

I loved the cartoon Gargoyles!! :D
Yum pictures you got there.

meljean brook said...

Dot singing the "I'm cute" song on the island?

*dies of the cute*

Sarai said...

I think RL has interfered with my commenting but it looks like I need to visit the island more often Geez I'm stealing some pictures LOL

little alys said...

Bridget - I know! I'm so conflicted though. Still want Vasic to be single, but want him to be happy too (and read his story). I think he's actually much sweeter than we think. It's that silence issues, or else he's just a mushy Judd. *g*

Sarah- Teehee, thanks. The pics were fun to get.

KB- Oh gosh, Gargoyles rock! I even have the DVDs and comic books. If only Disney would release the second half of season two. Srsly. I want my Gargoyles.

Meljean- Don't forget Dot's 'pet!' :D

Sarai - I know, me too. You too far. Move closer!
In the meantime, Hang in there (*whispers* itsokayitakeoverwhileyouaway). ^_~ Teehee, pictures. Took me forever to gather them though and couldn't even use all. LOL Hotz menz everywhere. *g*

LesleyW said...

I love the Psy heroes so am so looking forward to Vasic's story.

(And Kaleb's :) )

little alys said...

Lesleyw- I'm so worried about Kaleb. Ms. Nalini refuses to day if he's good or bad. I don't want him to be bad. *pouts*
Vasic's just hot.

Carolyn Crane said...

Hey, you're right, it is sort of quiet in blogland. Well, what a great roster of heroes! Those Dirk & Steele guys are great! And Also, I'm glad you're bringing Nick Gentry. Maybe I'll borrow him. He knows his stuff.

Great post. And you added our first Manga. Congrats!

little alys said...

CJ- Isn't it? This entire month has been much quieter than usual. The updates aren't as frequent, the comments have been lower.
I'm pretty sure people still run through, but it's really quiet in comparison. 'sokay, I have plans. Oh the plans I have. >_<

So many great heroes out there, so little time... ^_~ And Nick really knows his stuff. You're welcome to share. :)

Manga, cartoon and foreign trans, I believe. Cartoons!!!

Tracy said...

Great pick of heroes and heroines!

I don't know Roland but he sounds great. And Riley - holy moly he's a hottie. Love him.

little alys said...

Tracy- Thanx. ^_^
Ro can be such an a**, but in the cutest way. Even as he's cussing out his agents, it's because he's so freakin worried and thinks of them as family and he lets them know its cuz he cares. How many heroes do that? So cute. *g*
Gah, Riley's just so freakin hot. I seriously cannot wait until BbF comes out. It's torture waiting. >_<

jessewave said...

I love your selection of man flesh. So wonderful!!

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