Thursday, August 28, 2008

o hai

so this is my first time to command the driving seat at the DIK blog. cool.

I'm writing this entry "under the influence". uh huh. The influence of a bottle of riesling. thank you 29th birthday. woot. um, so if this runs a little sillier than my normal modus operandi, you know why.

It's kind of funny but in fact, I have spent a large portion of my life on an island. Granted, the island of Sulawesi is a pretty big one, but an island nonetheless. I lived in a village in the jungle with no electricity and a house made out of bamboo and wood. We had solar panels and car batteries to run our tiny little lights. And no TV. Which has a lot to do with my love of reading. Books, you see, don't require electricity. They are very transportable. Can be read in the jungle. Or the beach. Or wherever.

Speaking of beaches and appears that this is the moment in which I can start bragging on my harem of men and taunting the other inmates (erm, island mates) with my choices. Ready?

Here goes.

1. Rhage (Black Dagger Brotherhood series, JR Ward) Rhage's story was my first BDB book and it's still my favorite. I can't explain it. There is just something so very sexy and attractive about a gorgeous guy falling head over heels crazy in love for an ordinary plain gal. And besides, he has a dragon to unleash (heh) any time the island gets out of hand. So look out!

2. Asa McIntyre (Promises Linger by Sarah McCarty). If you haven't read Sarah McCarty yet, you are missing out! Asa is a perfect example of her Western heros. He's strong and alpha yet tender and almost nurturing in respect to how he treats his woman. And he's way creative in bed. Or on a horse. Or.... you get the picture. I figured that his creativity would come in handy on the island.

3. Dain (Lord of Scoundrels, Loretta Chase). Sometimes you want to slap him, then you want to cuddle him to your heart. Dain is something of a kid who never totally grew up. I still haven't been able to find a good model that really says DAIN to me, but Clive Owen is always nice to look at, so here ya go.

4. Ian Witherspoon (At Love's Command, Samantha Kane). The only way this guy was willing to make the trek to the island was under assurance that Derek would also be there. Ian by himself is one hot, domineering individual but put the two of them together and BAM....dynamite! Playdates chez lisabea are going to be teh awesome. *ahem* Oh and again, not so sure about the model but you can't really go wrong with Daniel Craig, right? This is a man whose face says "obey me". mmm. Yes, SIR!

5. Nathaniel Bonner (Into the Wilderness, Sara Donati). If you're going to be stuck in a wilderness situation, there is no hero better to have by your side than Nathaniel. Son of Hawkeye (he of Last of the Mohicans fame), the man knows how to hunt, fish, track, trap, make cabins, make rope, make love...all of the skilz you'd want on an island. And he's hot like his dad too. heh.

6. Keir of the Cat (Warprize, Elizabeth Vaughan). Who doesn't want a Warlord? Keir is a delicious mix of alpha and beta qualities. He'll fight to protect what's his but he's not aggressive unless provoked. And he looks so pretty when scruffy.

7. Captain Jack Harkness (Torchwood, Russell T. Davies/BBC) And finally, someone from the future. Who better than an omni-sexual space adventurer to round out the party? Captain Jack knows how to show a girl (or a boy or an alien) a good time. If we need to be rescued, he can put us in touch with Dr. Who and we can get a ride in his time machine back to safety.

So there you have it. My menz. They r pretty. And it looks like I get to play around this blog for the next couple of days, so I'll see you all back here tomorrow for more goofiness. But for now, it wouldn't be in sula form if I didn't leave you with a lolcat....


sula said...

first comment!

I am drinking coffee like a fish this morning. lol.

Carolyn Crane said...

Oh, the Rhage story is so fine. I love that restaurant scene! And that is a good rage photo!

Christine said...

I love Rhage, too. He's so perfect for Mary. What an emotional read.

Glad you had so much fun celebrating your birthday. :)

Katie Reus said...

Love the pics, especially the first one ;) Warprize is so on my tbb list!!

Kim said...

I read somewhere recently that more babies are born in August than any other month. So I guess we know what most people are giving thanks for at Thanksgiving? heh. Happy Birthday! BTW your b'day was also my 25th wedding anniversary. Wow it makes me feel really old that I have been married almost as long as you have been alive.

Oh and before I forget....

DAIN! I will stealz him.

LesleyW said...

Keir - you nicked him before I could pick him. :)

I love the Warplains series. And I liked that Elizabeth Vaughan didn't magically cure (or let Lara cure) him of his prejudices. Way more realistic than if he'd just decided to give the warrior priests the benefit of the doubt.

(I wish I wouldn't get double v's and w's in the spam word I can't tell the difference)

Tracy said...

Ok - I love all of your men and I think the pictures you chose are perfect! I hadn't thought of Daniel Craig as Ian but damn - it just fits!

Rhage - oh baby!

Kati said...

o hai!

Gosh, how had I forgotten what a terrific group of MENZ you have. I have to agree passionately with the choice of Rhage. He's my second favorite brother (Tohr, my Tohr, what will happen to you? Come here, and MK will make it better). I love how he makes with the dirty talk while feeling up Mary in the park. That and the scene outside Bella's house are my two favorite in the book.

LOVE Keir! As I recall, there was a mini hissy thrown when you chose Keir. I loves him. And while I sorta loved him in Warprize, I fell like a stone in Warlord for him. So passionate and devoted. What's not to love???

You done good, girl!

KT Grant said...

Rhage, Dain and Keir would be able to have their wicked way with me and come back for more. I will even take on Rhage's dragon form!!

Your list of menz made me horny.

Shannon said...

It is thanks to you lot that I have read both Rhage and Dain's stories. For that I give you great thanks :)

lisabea said...

I've been frying my flesh on the beach all day...or I'd have commented earlier. Noice post, lady. And we're all looking forward to play time with the Sam Kane men.

Sarai said...

HEY HAPPY B-DAY!!! Wait was that yesterday? SHIT sorry I've been out of the loop with work. Hope it was good!

Great discussion

Samantha Kane said...

Daniel Craig is perfect. Jesu, even I hadn't thought of that. I'm going to have to go back and reread my own scenes with that pretty picture in my head.

Playtime? This makes me think of everyone in a great big circle on the beach with Ian and Derek in the middle amusing you all. Okaaaayyy, now I've got that image in my head. ;-) And don't forget they like their ladies, too.

Rhage is actually in my top two BDB books. I love the first date with Mary. Classic.

Happy birthday!

Sarah said...

LOVED Warprize :)

Joanna Chambers said...

Clive Owen is a good Dain!

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