Sunday, August 17, 2008


SO ladies today is BIRTHDAY TIME and to help me celebrate I have brought alone some of the finest menz out there. Like the guy to the right who just wants you to join him and me in celebrating the WONDERFUL KRISTIE J's BIRTHDAY. (her birthday was on the 11th)

And if that wasn't enought insentive then Johnny decided to stop in and shout ummmmmm KRISTIE I hope you had a great day!!!!!

But Kristie isn't the only one we are celebrating today for Ms. THEA is also getting ready to celebrate the BIG DAY on AUGUST 20th!!! So for Ms. Thea I have the wonderful young man below Jason Momoa (not sure if that is how you spell it) He is waiting for you Thea in a pasture and is yours ALL DAY *wink*

As I was looking through the list I realized that Ms. SULA is also celebrating a birthday next week on the 27th!!! so Ms. Sula here is my gift to you a lovely eatable HUGH JACKMAN playing some golf for your viewing pleasure!

But as I was looking at Hugh in a towel I thought "what would Hugh look like wet" well the answer to that question is to the left. DAMN the man is fine! Then I thought well if Hugh looks good in a towel who else might look good in a towel and well I came up with these menz. What do you think? (I personally think the one in the red is the hotest but that may just be me)

Then the thought came "WHO NEEDS TOWELS?" well I don't so I decided on these menz!

And because I know it isn't fair to the rest of you to have to share all the hot menz on the island with the birthday girls I decided to fly in a few others for our viewing and enjoyment. So without further delay I present the line up for tonight's entertainment. They will be dancing, shaking their bom-bomsand of course whatever else we deem necessary (even if it means measuring things to see who can pleasure the best) in order to get our groove things on!

Well girls that's all for today PLEASE don't forget if you have a favorite picture you would like to see at the birthday parties to send them to and if your feeling extremely nice you can also send them to my personal account b/c I love to drool Alright LADIES have a wonderful day and KRISTIE I hope yours ROCKED!!!


Tracy said...

Happy Birthday Kristie, Thea and Sula! Woohoo!

Great Menz Sarai!!!

Christine said...

Happy Birthday, my friends! Hope you spend your days doing something you love.

KT Grant said...

This is better than my third post I was suppose to do yesterday!

Sarai said...

I was just happy I got it up before midnight tonight my weekend has been super hetic!!!


Pamk said...

Happy birthday ladies from one August baby to three others. Hope you had as nice a birthday as mine. Mine was August 8th.

Carolyn Crane said...

Wow, what a tribute! Happy birthday you three. Hope you have great birthdays.

Kristie (J) said...

I can do Johnny - no, no I don't mean "that" way *g*.
Happy advance Birthday to all the other fellow August birthday ladies!!

jessewave said...

Happy birthday ladies. Hope you got everything you wanted. Those are some hawt menz Sarai - I want some of that LOL

Ana said...

Guys, Thea is traveling around on vacation ( HOW DARE SHE!)and not going online as often (argh, argh) so, I am thanking you on her behalf! woohoo!

and Happy Burthday to Sula and Kristie!

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