Thursday, August 21, 2008

Give it to me baby. Uh huh Uh huh.

I'm just going to pretend, for today, that Brandon Boyd is playing the part of Adrien. I mean, YES, I am aware of who Mr. Lanyon had in mind for A, blahblahblahblah, but TODAY, on this Island of DIK, the part of Adrien English shall be played by Brandon Boyd.

PPFFT. It's my party and I can blast some Incubus if I wants ta. And I do. ::le sigh::

HI~ And Welcome to my dik.

A long time ago, after a conversation and some emailed photos back n forth with a pal of mine, I offered up a post on men's skivvies.

This mornin, Brandon, I mean, Adrien and I have decided to strip our captives friends, revealing what our cabana mates are sportin' under their clothing. Well, when they're not in their swim suits, their leathers, or nekkid. Adrien has declined to show us his panties...cuz he's a gentleman...and I must say it's one of the things I do so like about him, me being such a lady and all. I hear you sniggering. But I spy with my little eye, a wee bit of panty line.

First down the runway is the ever fit and always bottom of the pig pile, my darling Derek Knightly from At Love's Command. Derek is feeling right at home here in my cabana filled to capacity with type A personalities (well, not me..and certainly not Adrien..uh, is Colin type A? There seem to be plenty of folks under my canopy who are willing to lie back in a hammock, cocktail in hand, letting the burly guys do their thing while we mock them and write evil stories about them when they aren't paying attention. I heart my DIK heroes.) So Derek, who pro'lly would be nekkid, (but apparently tis against the rulz to reveal snausage), is tearing his own clothes off for us! Yippee!

I recently made a trade with Sarai for one of my favorite love to hate him characters, Detective Jake Riordan, of the Adrien English Mysteries. I heart Jake. But he's sort of not hearting me back right now. I'm not sure how this is going to work: three Alphas under one gorgeously proportioned thatched roof, my bff looking tan and fit, and a steady flow of liquor.

Enough of that nonsense. Look Adrien! I do believe that Mr. Jake is wearing some aptly named under-roos.

This key trade in my DIK line up establishes a power shift...cuz there's a lot of pushing and shoving going on. Gulp. Fortunately my Jake is packing heat (and then some. Oh baby) and he'll keep everything under, er, control.

Oh. I don't think this guy looks like Jake. I only think this waxed model may have stolen Jake's drawers.In a perfect world? He resembles Russell Crowe. Mmmmmm....

Next up, alpha were and leader of any pack, the big ole prepared and equipment wielding boyscout, the HOLY MERCY MY OH MY, Jake Romero of JL Langley's With Caution. Lots of stuff swinging off his belt. Best not to let him catch anyone. Too quickly. Heh. I don't know how many of you have read this m/m uber tale, but if you have, you know why this man is trapped lounging here. I mean, clearly I'm barking up the wrong tree, but it'll be fun to watch him scare the natives.Rawr.

I'm the only lady on the Island with a husband and wife team under her roof. Call me names *swinger* if you like, but I love these two equally and couldn't split them apart! Demon Moon! It's a good thing! Therefore, it only seems logical (and having seen this very photo on MJB's blog) to dress them in themed/matching underwear. Aren't they the cutest?

If ever there was a hero who doesn't approve of this kind of thing..I think it would be Colin. Mostly because he'd rather you show him yours.

Finally. I'm putting Nate Hawkins, Starship Commander and My Fair Captain (woot) here in his all together. Golly, I like me some of that Nate. If you haven't read MFC...oh dude. You should.
K. That's all We've got for ya. Have a happy day. Tomorrow we talk about books.



Samantha Kane said...

Okay, wait a minute, I've got to stop laughing before I can type this. always bottom of the pig pile? Poor Derek looks like the unfortunate victim of an underwear shark. And he would absolutely be naked. He's so "take me as I am." Literally.

lisabea said...

Well, look at my fricken hut, Sam...there's a lot of dudes who want some. And I'm thinking only Adrien and Derek are available for that kind of action...but now, with the addition of Jake Riordan? Yeah, shark attack is right. Poor Derek! RUN! RUN to Sula's hut, Derek!

Hey. I like that outfit. TP sent it to me as an underwear present! (I'd post Derek nekkid but the ladies would oust me from teh blog.)

Shannon said...

Mmmm... lovin the undies. Maybe I need to order some for my cabana. They need something nice to wear when company comes over.

Samantha Kane said...

Actually, under the barely there wear, that body does look an awful lot like I imagined Derek. So on that score, good pick. :-)

Derek wouldn't run. He'd fight them off with Ian at his back. Ahem.

lisabea said...

Shannon!I'm partial to that jock and boots. Just for company, though.

And TAPAS!!! Can't wait. Just a couple days!

Samantha~Flanking him, as it were. And he's smooth and pretty, yes?

JenB said...

Holy Bowflex, Batman, those superhero undies are hawt.

Actually...forget the underwear. Check out that tummy! *slobber*

Sarai said...

Um yummy I'm so glad you took the main alpha out from my hut now I can truly relax and allow Capt. Jack to tell me all his wonderful plots and schemes...

Josh Lanyon said...

Adrien has declined to show us his panties...cuz he's a gentleman...

That photo is very apropos given a certain moment in DOPK.

And your Adrien looks almost piratical, doesn't he? Just waiting to have his swash buckled.

Shannon said...

EEeeee!!! Tapas! I can't wait! It will be my last fun outting before I return to school. Yay!

Sarai- hah. you have in-house entertainment with Capt Jack. Well, entertainment of the non-smexin type. Nice :)

lisabea said...

Josh~It's been a while since he's had a trim, I'm thinking, but DANG that Brandon Boyd? He can be my Adrien. Or anyone else, really.

And there you go again, dropping crumbs!

Jenb~The phelpsian ridge. He haz it.

Sarai~I was happy to trade. Although I may need some kind of back up to restrain this boyz.

Christine said...

All I can say is that I hope you had Colin flip the bill for the hut upgrade. Something tells me a hut made of straw is just not going to hold up over there. Just sayin'. ;)

Anonymous said...

Can I ask who is JL's pick for Adrien? *le sigh*

I love Adrien. And the two Jakes and Capt Nate and Colin. You have a friggin' awesome cabana!

I love that last photo. Every time I see it I just think....@oooh, nice ass!'

Tracy said...

You really should give drool warnings before you start a post like this, LB. Seriously.

Oh I'm likin the picture of Adrien. And Derek - soooo how I imagined him while reading - although, more naked. :)

Love the dirty fukkers and of course the super hero unders. You've got one rockin hut my friend.

lisabea said...

Christine~tomorrow we may see what Colin's money has purchased to outfit our island home. Heh.

sayuri60~He's mentioned both Montgomery Clift and Guy Pierce. I prefer Brandon. I prefer him all the time and in every way.

Tracy~Dirty Fukker..isn't that the funniest thing? I thought Jake as soon as I saw it!

lisabea said...

Sayuri60~Crap. I can't do that link thing. Just google Montgomery Clift and you'll see the picture in the beach chair. Old school. Yummy.

Kati said...

LB - Will you marry me?

I *loves* you.

Thank you for picking me up on what can only be described as a shitty day.

You're good stuff, girl!

Carolyn Crane said...

No, LB is marrying ME!! What a fine fashion show this is. And this Adrien suits me just fine.

lisabea said...

Ladies. Ladies. There's plenty of the lisabea loving to go around..

feel free to kick my ass now.

Shannon said...

I won'tkick your ass, I'll just wait until Sunday and get it loaded on sangria. Then all the lb lovin will be mine!!!

Ciara said...

What about men in kilts? mmmmmm.

I like Colin and Savi's undies. So cute!

lisabea said...

Story of my life, really.

lisabea said...

ciara~Isn't that so MJB??? I thought that Savi would wear them cuz she loves them...and Colin would wear them to make Savi laugh and because no one could possibly make them look any better than he could.

Joanna Chambers said...

I like your pretty pictures *dazed smile*

sula said...

back off folks, she is all mine! lol.

ok, i have had to wait all day to get away from work so i could read this post and see these yummy pics. But it was worth the wait. HELLO!

lb, I am afraid that Derek is going to have to be over at my place a lot. We can't have Ian and Derek split up now can we? Sleepovers...that is the solution.

mmmm, nate. i was just rereading my copy of that book (the one i bought on our SF trip, woot!) i wanna go back to regelence.

mr. lanyon, i can't wait to find out more about this swash being buckled. more details please? pretty please?

Katie Reus said...

Yay! Thanks for the menagerie of hawt pics :) I needed some hot menz today!

jessewave said...

Did Josh say that Adrien was having his swash buckled? Is it by Jake?
LB you have a heaping menagerie of hawt men but two of them I want - Jake and Nate - pistols at dawn. Plus if you marry one of the ladies you have to give up all the men in your hut to the rest of us.

KT Grant said...

I call dibs on the wonder woman underoos!! :P
LB, your hut is probably the most rocking on on the island.

lisabea said...

ACK!I've been out doing family stuff.

T~Equally dazed. The alcohol doesn't help....

Sula~We'll have to wait and see about Adrien. Just a few more weeks!

KatieR~And now to think of something clever for tomorrow. Pressure!

JW~Not. Gonna. Happen.

Katiebabs~ I really love those underwear. We'd look very cute at RWA next year. WEll, I'll have to work out a little first. OK, a lot.

Sarah said...

I love the undies!

lisabea said...

Thanks Sarah!

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