Monday, August 11, 2008

Kristie here

OK - now that I have your attention *g*

Yep - it's my day for the next three days here. I'm late and not on the ball totally. I don't know how many of you know it, but I was lucky enough to get to RWA in San Francisco where I had a spendiferous time. But I've been laid low ever since I got back. So keep in mind with this post that I'm only a half capacity since I'm sitting here coughing so bad my chest hurts and all I want to do is rip my face off so I can scratch my itchy sinuses. And doesn't that start off with a lovely picture.

But one of the things I get to do on my day is highlight the six books I chose. Being a long time reader of romance - I think I'm probably the hipster granny of the group - even though I don't have grandkidlets, I've been reading a loooooonnnggg time now so probably some of my picks haven't been read by many. I'm hoping my love for these ones make you want to pick them up.

First book on my list is Ride The Fire by Pamela Clare. I know that Paranormal books are in now and this one is about as far away from a paranormal storyline as you can get but this one is really really good! Ask anyone who has read it and they will agree with me.
What makes this one a stand out for me if first off the hero. Nicolas Kenleigh is the real swoony kind of hero. He's very protective of the heroine, Elspeth, a young pregnant widow alone in the wilds of Colonial America. When he first runs into her, he is hurt and needs her help. Because she is alone and scared she ties him to her bed at first, unaware that this due to past tragedies, this is his worst nightmare. But she eventually learns to trust him and he in turn helps her when she needs him the most. Theirs is a slow journey to love but when they do, wow. This one is a don't miss book. And for all those who might be wanting to give it a try, it's being reissued in the fall at a special price and a different cover. Make sure to put this one on your lists!

The next book I chose was After the Night by Linda Howard. I've long been a Linda Howard fan and I've loved many a book. But I chose this one oddly enough considering that this group started mainly because of the heroes we love, but because of the heroine of After the Night. A lot of readers aren't that fond of Gray, the hero and while I disagree, I can see why he might rub them the wrong way, but I don't think anyone can deny that Faith Devlin is one awesome heroine. Raised on the poor side of town, her family is the definition of trailer park trash. Her mama is carrying on with Gray's father, her father is a drunk, her brothers are trouble and her sister is loose. But despite all this, Faith is very honourable, and makes a success of her life. She comes back years later, after Gray has arranged to have her family thrown out of town to figure out what happened to his father who disappeared the same night. Gray naturally, isn't thrilled to have her back again and does his best to get rid of her again despite being very attracted to this grown up version of Faith. But Faith is her own person and does a remarkable job of standing up to a very alpha hero. Even if you've never tried Linda Howard before, you should try this one for the heroine alone!

My next one was Driven by Even Kenin. I've said quite a bit and not too long ago about this one. It's great and still on the shelves I'm sure. If your looking for a kick ass heroine and a wonderful yet different hero, then Driven is the book to try.

Well - I still have 2 more days and the cold is kicking up a notch here and for the biggest reason, I can't seem to be able to upload any more pics of fine looking young men, I'll say this is it for me today!

And aren't you the lucky ones!! I figures out what I was doing wrong. So for your enjoyment, I present below....


Shannon said...

After we first chose our DIK picks I added After the Night to my TBR list. I just returned it to the library a week ago. And I loved it!!! That was vintage Linda Howard. Such great characters. While I had a niggling suspicion about the bad guy, the events at the end were still surprising. Do you have any other LH recs? I loved AtN and Mr. Perfect. Any other vintage titles of hers that I should check out?

lisabea said...

I heart Kristie(J).

How are you feeling?? Better? My gosh, Wendy was sick too! I'm just stressed.

And nice men folk you have hanging around your digs,grannie. If you are the grannie? Rosie, CJ and I are your sisters I'm a thinking.

Tracy said...

Wow Kristie you've made me want to read all of these books. Really. I've been wanting to read Driven but the rest I will definitely be looking into.

I hope you feel better honey!!

Tracy said...

Oh yeah - very nice pictures Kristie! :)

KT Grant said...

Everyone who loves romance must read After the Night!
Must go drool over the pretty boys now.

Kristie (J) said...

Shannon: I've been on a bit of a LH glom and I just finished reading Open Season again. It's another one of her older ones. This one is really cute with LOL moments. And of course there are the two Blair Mallory/Wyatt Bloodworth books To Die For and Drop Dead Gorgeous. I'm glad you liked After the Night!! What did you think of the washroom scene? I think that one is a classic.

Lisabea: I'm still sick as a dog *sigh* I really don't like this at all. Last night for example I went to bed at 8:30 and except for being up for about 1/2 hour - slept till noon today!!

Tracy: I'll have more nice ones tomorrow too! I found this web site.......

Katie: Yep - After the Night is a must read for those who read romance. Even if you don't like it - and I know there are some who don't - it's still at least a must attempt.

Shannon said...

The washroom scene is fabulous! I think it may even outrank the car washing scene in Mr. Perfect.

I just picked up Killing Time. I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

I think I read Open Season. I think. I need to refresh me memory.

Kristie (J) said...

Shannon: Think Party Pack and drugstore. If that rings a bell then you've read it

Shannon said...

haha! I think I have. It was so long ago it definitely needs a reread.

Oh, have you read Kill and Tell? There is a scene forever etched in my mind from that book. Has to do with the hero's timing regarding putting on a condom. Ballsy, overconfident, Alpha. I loved it :)

JenB said...

Ooh, looks like I need to try that Pamela Clare book!

Nice menz, by the way. :)

Ana said...

Hey Kristie, It seems I need to pick up the Pamela Clare book too!and isnt today your birhtday???

Happy Birthday!!!!!

Shannon said...

Yeah, trying to be all sneaky and keep your b-day on the DL. Embrace your day, darling! I mean, think about it. We could have given you lots of hot menz!

Sarai said...

So I am never thought I would like long haired guys and now I would like to retract that b/c MAN those guys were HAWT!!!!

PS Get to feeling better KRISTIE!!! Oh and happy belated birthday *smacks forehead* I'm sorry I forgot

Christine said...

I hope you feel better, Kristie! I hear a lot of people who were at RWA got sick. Someone brought the cooties, I guess.

I loved DRIVEN. Such a unique, fun book with a sweet romance. And Wizard was just so darn sexy. Great choice.

LesleyW said...

Linda Howard - I've just picked up Death Angel in hardback after hearing so many good reviews.

And After the Night is the one where they do it in the women's bathroom right? LOL - this is how I remember my Linda Howard books.

Anonymous said...

Kristie I obviously need to do a lot more reading. I have taken note of some of your books and put them on my To Buy list. Thosed men are HAWT!

Hope your birthday was great even though we were a day late.


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