Saturday, December 19, 2009

what kris wants for xmas

Yeah, I know I was meant to organise the results for guest author K Z Snow's competition, but I've been too slack arse distracted by last minute Christmas shopping to get round to it. Sorry!

Anyways, I say pfft to negative stuff about me and let's move on to the happy, joy-y things which befit this time of year. Specifically, and more importantly, what I want for Christmas.

My English mate Jenre did a post earlier in the month about getting books for Christmas and I was one of a number of people who raved about getting book vouchers as presents. How I love thee book vouchers. Let me count the ways. *g*

Of course, being me, I also ranted about the misses I'd received over the years because the 'I'm a book lover' badge I wear apparently means that I will like any boring-as-bat-shit-tome that comes my way. O_o Yeah, thanks for that. That will make a great door stop. *mutterdickheadmutter*

This year I've been very, very, VERY clear to my family that I will accept no hard copies of books other than this awesome YA series by Aussie author John Marsden.

If I do not get it, there will be hell to pay.

I kid you not.

Hell. To. Pay.

What about you? What books are on your wish list this year?

Oh, and before I forget...

Well, hellooooo Santa. ;)


Chris said...

No books on my wish list. A certain percentage of my family would be too traumatized to actually buy the books that would be on my wish list (not all of us are lucky enough to have a mum like you!). I figured gift certificates for my favorite online bookstores wouldn't traumatize them.

Kris said...

Chris! You remembered to spell Mum corre- err, I mean the Oz way. I'm so touched.

It is true my Mum is all kinds of awesome, although there WILL be words if I don't get the Tomorrow series. Some will probably be yelled even.

Jenre said...

I've not put any books on my list this year. No-one ever buys them for me anyway, so I've given up even asking :).

I have bought books for hub and the kids as little 'extra' presents. Hub has got the Simon's Cat book, the girls have got My Naughty Little Sister and Pippi Longstocking (the oldies are always the best imo) and the boys have got a book on Mythical Creatures and the latest Horrid Henry.

They'll probably get overlooked on the day when the bigger and more exciting presents will rule, but I know that eventually they'll all get read and probably over and over again.

Kris said...

Jen: "No-one ever buys them for me anyway, so I've given up even asking :)."

I'm gonna be seriously pissed if I don't get what I want. You will hear the hissy fit from there.

Pippi Longstocking! God, that brings back memories. I still have my copies from when I was a kid sitting in one of my book shelves.

I'm a perfect example of "I know that eventually they'll all get read and probably over and over again". I will never part with my set. Ever. :)

Erotic Horizon said...

Hey Kris...

I have no more books either on my list - My family are cools with my reading habits but I don't think they like to actually go into a bookstore - so that will nix any book plans I have...

The one I had on my list was Triad - Cat Grant... and I think she heard my prayer and I got that now, so I am good...

Chris told me about a trilogy - Mary Calmes - and I got those as well..

**you see the pattern here - why should my family go out to shop when I do it myself...***

I'll check out your young adult series - My son has jsut finished the Casandra Claire trilogy, he's in the market for something else now...


Tam said...

Well, I got my secret Santa book. I got the kidlet Josh Aterovis' set. Did I say I got them for the kidlet? Well, they have her name on the package. LOL

I did get a random book from someone for Christmas but we'll see if it's doorstop material or not. I don't get a lot of gifts from people so I don't tell anyone what I want.

Kris said...

EH: LOL. I have to admit that I'm a bit the same in terms of buying myself books and slapping a 'this is my present to myself' label on it. :)

If you son is in to fantasy, which it sounds as though he is based on the Clare series as well as Skulldudgery Pleasant, I think he will like the Tommorrow series. Another Aussie author, John Flannagan, does a terrific medieval fantasy series called the Ranger's Apprentice.

Sarah Rees Brennan's The Demon Lexicon was a great too. It's the first book in the series.

Kris said...

Tam: Yeah, you're not fooling anyone with your 'this is for the girl child' attitude. LOL.

I hope that your other book doesn't turn out to be a door stop, but....

orannia said...

My family still don't get my need to read! I have been given a large box-shaped present by one side of the family. I have no idea what is in it...I'm actually kind of scared to look. I don't think it's books. My best friend and I are swapping book vouchers though. And since I'm buying a multi-purpose device for Christmas maybe I'll just buy myself some books...we wouldn't want it to get dusty, would we *grin*

Good luck Kris!

And why is it that people think giving a book as a present is a...cop-out...when it's what we really want?

Kris said...

Orannia, I'm very lucky that I come from a family of readers so everyone understands my need to read.

I reminded the Mumma again about the Tomorrow series today. I also referred her to this post for her information. If I get something else I'm gonna be seriously pissed off.

"And since I'm buying a multi-purpose device for Christmas maybe I'll just buy myself some books...we wouldn't want it to get dusty, would we *grin*"

No, we wouldn't. *hehehe*

"And why is it that people think giving a book as a present is a...cop-out...when it's what we really want?"

Unfortunately, these are the same people who don't understand our desire to read and can therefore not understand that to us it is anything but a bad or, more to the point, boring present.

The thing to remember is that it is they who miss out not us because they do not have the imagination to share the wonderful journeys of such diverse characters that we do. :)

Mumma J said...

Okay Sissy - here I am to comment on your post at the lovely DIK blog!

Perhaps I should remind you that I rarely (sometimes even never) buy you a gift that you go on and on about however this time I gotta tell you that I have been trying to find the boxed set of the Tomorrow series. It just cannot be found. So I'm going out to comb the bookstores for each of the seven (and if you count the spin off ones), to ten books separately. OKAY!!!!!!

I wanna know right now if I have ever bought you a doorstopper.

Books are the best pressies ever!
BUT at least when you buy them for a gift for yourself at least you are buying the titles that you want.

Kris said...

Two words for you Mumma. Dymocks Carousel.

That is all.

Seanna Lea said...

I don't have books on my list after the couple of years running when people gotten me books that I had already read and determined that I did not enjoy quite enough to reread. Given that I will reread almost everything into the ground, these books were fairly deep into the meh.

Kris said...

Oh, how annoying for you, Seanna Lea, and to top if all off meh books too. :(

My consolation when receiving crappy books is that I can always exchange them at the secondhand store for books I actually want to read.

Oh, and nup, I have absolutely no guilt when it comes to getting rid of shitty presents. *g*

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