Thursday, February 25, 2010

Things Overheard

I've been traveling quite a bit lately. Back and forth I go. The Newark Airport and I have become great friends. Their incredibly slow security lines, on the other hand... While I have always enjoyed people watching in airports, I have found that I have new favorite time killing past time. I sit while knitting or crocheting, and listen. Just that. Listen.

It is amazing what you will overhear.

It made me giggle, then, when I started reading a book during my last trip. The story opens with the heroine laying in her hotel bed at 3AM , wide awake. Why? The headboard pounding, wall shaking, deity invoke ("Oh GoD!!!!!") sex her neighbors were having. It's what she overhears after that that gets the plot going. But, more on that book and it's lovely author later.

We overhear conversations every day. In the grocery store you hear a woman talking on the phone say "I had never seen one that color. I mean, how do you tell him it shouldn't be blue?" Perhaps you are at a meeting and hear, "I don't know how to get him interested. What would a teenage boy enjoy measuring?" (Yes, that was an actual quote from a teacher meeting. It was clear who in the room- besides your truly- had a dirty mind.)

Have you ever wondered what the story is behind the conversational snippets? What prompted the comment? What happened afterwards? So tell me, what is the story behind this snippet overheard in New York:

Oh my God! Why would you move the couch!? Why the hell did you move
it, idiot?!? When you move a couch, bad things happen! Move the
couch... You stupid... Oh my God!


s7anna said...

I'm going with...the person probably dropped the couch on his/her foot and shattered a couple of bones...

Tracy said...

The person who didn't want the couch moved was blind and ran into it when they didn't know it was there?

Sullivan McPig said...

By moving the couch they had to get new carpet as the patch under the couch stil was nice and clean and the rest of the carpet suddenly looked very smudgy?

Shannon said...

Hah! All good suggestions. :)

Kris said...

It's pretty obvious to me that the couch is possessed and all hell breaks loose if you try to move it from its favoured position.

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