Monday, February 22, 2010

Pimpin' with LB

**yes I'm blogging about this again. Sue me. I got nothing.

Over the new year, while my beloved G was spanning the globe to bring home the bacon, I was housebound with the teens for a few days. It was at that time I discovered AWZ--the fabulously over the top German soap opera, and more specifically, I discovered Eskimo Kiss Project. These three savvy, funny women are turning their little neck of the world into a glittery, slobbering, sparkling, love fest of Deniz Ozturk and Roman Wild. Or DeRo, as they're known by fangirlz and boyz everywhere.

Deniz and Roman

::wipes drool off computer::

I totally applaud the Eskimo Hordes (or whores, as we in the horde like to say). They rock this thing. They have graciously served man/ladykind by reducing AWZ to it's most delicious state--which I like to call: DeRo & Friends. (With English Subtitles and Snark.)

I'm telling you, a girl could lose DAYS to this.

Anywho, I was hooked. I've blogged a bit about this over the last two months, and attention DIK ladies: I have a new boyfriend guest in my hut. (HE'S MINE HANDS OFF--DIBS!!! I see you looking, Kris and Renee.)

What they did.

The writers of AWZ created a worthy romance between the older, perennial men's ice skating bronze medalist and publicly outted Roman Wild (also LB's new secret gay boy friend) with
a cocky, bi-sexual, mistake-ridden, apologetic, dumb-as-a-brick-at-times, youngster-- the brown-eyed Deniz Ozturk. Yes. He's Turkish.

This story is addictive, obviously, not only because of the depth of these characters, but also because the actors have natural chemistry. ::applause:: Thank you Alles Was Zahlt. Daring. Deep. Dramatic. HAWT.

How much of a good thing is too much of a good thing?

I have to admit, that once the angst and the drama of a story is resolved, and the lovey dovey commences, about two weeks into the happy clappy and, ok, sometimes my attention wanders. In any story, I'm the sort of gal who digs the chase, the ongoing friction, the building tension and then the POWWIE explosion of the first fight, the first kiss, the first fuck, the first makeup sex, the first cuddle, the first...everything. I like conflict. It gives me something to hang onto--namely HOPE. Or possibly it's fear.

Either way, it's addictive.

So. DeRo. Lately, I'm ashamed to admit that I miss the old trials and tribulations, the anxiety, the anger, the heart ache, the middle finger in the air OH NO YOU DI'N'T YOU FUCKER--it was spell binding, wasn't it? Every time Deniz did something horrific we hated him, and every time he turned around and saved Roman "I'll watch out for you!", or allowed his true feelings for Roman to come to the fore, we forgave him as our hearts melted into a pool of slushy goo. It became a great waiting game. Will they or won't they? Will Deniz cheat? Is it physically possible for Deniz to stick his head any further up his own ass? Will Roman forgive him? Will they doooo eeeeet on the red couch, or in the shower, or in that manky swimming pool? Can we please see hot bunny cheeks in the shower?

And how 'bout those shiny gold hot pants that leave nothing to the imagination?

(episode 682--start at 2:53...ok this is just so wrong of me to exploit poor Roman Wild this way, because the story is fantastic and every bit of character development and careful constructing of intertwining plot lines that lead to this point is, naturally, worth watching are on DIK and we're all perverted grown ups here... so, hey, check this shit out! Please note that the buttoned up and emotionally unavailable Dr. Axel Schwarz has recently been electrocuted in a harebrained plot by Nina (I MISS HER) to fix her oven (wink wink) ...uhm.... and our hero, Roman Wild with a weird combed back hairstyle, has performed life saving mouth to mouth on the evil accountant (Doctor). It tickled Axel's fancy. Apparently. Heh. BTW that swimming pool is filled with bodily fluids. FYI.)

What was I saying?

Anyway, while these days they're barely on screen and I'm just thrilled with any DeRo sighting at all (throw me a fricken' bone!)...I have a tiny problem.

They're supportive and wonderful.

They're in love now. We watch them make out at the dinner table, and we watch them smile and hug and smooch. Honestly? It's so great to see an established gay couple on tv with no drama. But this ain't no sit-com. This is a soap opera, a romance infused soap opera of heat index 5 level's my secret shame... I'm eagerly anticipating the other shoe to drop. The next big fall. The fuck up du jour. The new must see reason to tune in and watch and worry and twist my hankie over.

Unless they kill one of the guys off, then I'll be pissed.

Catch Me If You Can

All this brings me to hawking my wares, because, hey, I have a book coming out next week, March 2nd, and you know you want it.

As I'm working on Book II in my Romano and Albright series, my mind keeps roaming toward my new favorite gay boy friend, Roman--and I'm actively dishing the drama into this new book of mine. Romance is all about the HEA. Yes it is. But most books generally stop right there at the end of the I LOVE YOU--and our hero and, uhm, hero? They lived happily ever after. Like Alles Was Zahlt, I'm continuing the saga of Dan and Caesar, and it takes a cold heart and a devious mind to bring turmoil into the lives of happy couples. It's worth it, though. It keeps us coming back for more--and I'm ready.

Time to work.



Kati said...

LMAO! Um...what?

No seriously, I think that this is a good point. Holly over at Book Binge was just talking about this the other day. Of course, she was referring to Eve and Roarke and how she prefers there to be tension between them, rather than happy happy joy joy. And I agree. I love them best when they're fighting. Which I know is sadistic and mean of me, but that's how I roll.

And I have this awful feeling that that's why I have such warm/fuzzy feelings about Jake Riordan in the Adrien English series (I'm only on Book 3 so don't tell me !!!), but I can just tell that he's going to disappoint me and piss me off. I can't wait! As long as he redeems himself.

I'm sure that's how your boys are going to be too LBea! I can't wait to read CMIYC!

lisabea said...

I know. I'm totally all over the map.

Yes to Adrien and Jake. Edge of your seat story telling. Nail biting. I'm not sure I'll ever manage THAT kind of thing, I mean I write romantic comedy (which has its own perils)--but I do want folks coming back for more.

Thanks Kati!

KT Grant said...

nope, not falling for this new hot men soap and lose hours of my life over on You Tube.

So happy Kati loves the English crack :)

Kim said...

Dude. That vid has. it. all. Drugs, guns, shiny pants, duct tape, secret cabin in the woods, shiny pants...

Oh. Was I supposed to pay attention to conflict and stuff? Yeah. I like that stuff too.

Srsly. I like the tension and conflict because usually that means there is a really good grovel coming up. Love that.

Looking forward to CMIYC LB!

Kati said...

Hey! It's National Margarita Day!

Drink up, Ladies!

Kris said...

"I have a new boyfriend guest in my hut. (HE'S MINE HANDS OFF--DIBS!!! I see you looking, Kris and Renee.)"

Dammit. *poutmope*

What I really miss is the angsty figure skating solos that Roman used to do with Deniz looking broodingly on from the side lines. They were so good. *sigh*

Aldi said...


Srsly. This post right here encompasses everything that I love so so much about this fandom - the fact that we're not just content to sit back and watch a gazillion eps full of 5-second smoochies and support-other-characters cameos. The fact that we adore the conflict and thrive on the drama, the angst and the tension and torture. Conflict resolution is fantastic, sure, but it has to be earned. For what it's worth, I've been enjoying the stretch of healthy normal boys-in-love plot, even if they're not on the front burner right now - but I also have every confidence that it's not going to stay that way forever, or even for long. More drama will come, I'm sure of it. AND I CAN'T WAIT!

*hugs you tightly*

lisabea said...

Katiebabs-When you said English Crack I immediately thought--Amy Winehouse. And then, I thought Adrien's hind end.

:P You'd like these boys.

Kim~This show haz it all. And...oh man...I can't believe it's one week until CMIYC!!!!


Kati~I could seriously use a margie right now, but I must write. Plus I have to drive the children.

Kris~Good call. I watch the Roman fan vid, the ice skating one, and I feel such LONGING. Poor man.

Aldi~I need gold hot pants for NYC. Actually ::shudders:: maybe not such a good idea. ::hugs back:: Uhm. Do you have a net big enough for a bunny?

Chris said...

I'm glad I'm good at resisting video additions.

Books, not so much. :) And your new book, it is GOOOOOOOOOD.

Write faster. Dammit. ;)

Chris said...

That comment would be slightly less humorous if you substitute "addictions" for "additions". *ahem*

Tracy said...

I seriously need to check out these vids soon. I'm just scared when you say a girl could lose days - that's so me!

And yes, I love the lovey dovey but the angst. Ahhh I LOVE the angst like nobody's business.

Great post baby.

Carolyn Crane said...

Yay LB!!

Sarah said...

I am saving this for winter. The rate the weather is going here, I'd say it should probably start next week. hehe.

Renee said...

Oh, I'm home sick today (well, I am after I take kid to school)--more AWZ for me!
See, there's always an upside to these things.

I love Roman. And, you are so right about how Deniz's asshole-ish ways are the spice to the story.

::whispers::Might you have a 1-day "exchange" program for Roman? Sam Kane's René Dubois (from Islands) can come by and pay you a visit. 1 sexy French ex-Foreign Legionaire for 1 sexy German skater?

Can't wait to read Catch Me! :-)

Amber said...

Shiny pants...yum.

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