Saturday, February 7, 2009

Mychael Black - DIK Day 3 - Opposites Attract

Opposites attract.

What more can you ask for?

I have a weakness for this particular kind of pairing - where the men are so incredibly different, that you'd think they'd never stand a chance together.

Look at Cian Carmichael and Mael Black, for example. An rogue-vamp-hunting angel and a vampire prince. One light, one dark. One who knows his heart, one who doesn't believe he even has one. Both are incredibly strong alone, but together, they've weathered much more than one man ever could.

So for my last day, I want to know what your favorite opposites-attract stories are. Give me some good titles to add to my TBR list!

Thanks to the DIK ladies and all of you for letting me play!


Katie Reus said...

Sorry I missed the past couple days :) This isn't something to add to your tbr pile, but am I totally lame for listing Buffy and Spike as (one of) my favorite opposites attract stories ;)

jessewave said...

My favourite opposites attract pair would be Adrien English and Jake Riordan in The Adrien English Mysteries. What an unlikely pair!!!

Thanks for coming by Myc.

LesleyW said...

I am totally in agreement with Adrien and Jake - lol on something of an Adrien English binge at the moment.

I also like Callan and David from A Strong and Sudden Thaw. Their differences complemented each other.

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