Thursday, May 19, 2011

Driving In My Car

Hello DIK friends!

It's been a while. I'm writing like the wind right now and because it's May and I'm a parent, I'm also putting major mileage on my stumpy car. I have two kids about to graduate, one from High School, one from Junior High, and, because we spend a lot of time in the car listening to tunes (loudly), I thought I'd share a few LB Gregg's Mom-Mobile Favorites.

Setting: Imagine LB Gregg in her pjs, one hand on a cup of coffee, the other wrapped around the steering wheel. It's early. The sun is rising over the hills. Possibly she hasn't yet brushed her teeth. A mom ponytail sticks out from under a white Four Seasons ball cap, and, naturally, she's free of makeup (and a bra). Music plays and LB, like an American Idol, sings to the imaginary folks in the back row while beside and behind her, two teenagers die a little inside and pray their friends can't see through the privacy glass.

Here we go!

Vampire Weekend
They make me wanna dance in my seat. Probably not a wise move.

Fiona Apple
This song is not a reflection of how I drive. And what the hell ever happened to FA?

Cindy Lou Who The Pretty Reckless

A cautionary tale. And some damn fine hose.

The Script

Because a downer should be sung four times in a row with REAL emotion. Love cuts, kids.

Justin Timberlake

Have I mentioned my obsession with JT before? No?

So, what's on your playlist?



Kati said...

Oxford Comma by Vampire Weekend is my ringtone for my father. The Chief of the Grammar Police. When he calls it literally rings, "Who give a fuck about an Oxford comma?" Awesome.

These are great tunes. I've been crushing on Bruno Mars lately - you know, what with me being the world's oldest teenybopper.

Renee said...

I've been quite out of it lately, music-wise. And, I mostly listen to audiobooks while tootin' around in the car doing my mom-stuff. However, Adele has been a current fave!

Chris said...

Placebo - Running Up That Hill (Kate Bush)

Chris Garneau - Between the Bars (Elliott Smith)

Mumford & Sons - Little Lion Man

The National - Conversation 16

Eliza Gilkyson - Is It Like Today (World Party)

Tracy said...

Oh I like The Pretty Reckless - niiiice.

I loved Fiona Apple - what DID happen to her? I loved Criminal - great song.

My playlist lately has a mixture of Sick Puppies, Boston, Three Doors Down, Glee songs, Theory of a Deadman, ELO, Van Halen, Hoobastank, Alter Bridge & Course of Nature - to name a few. :) Very mixed. Of course we have Radio Disney shoved in there on a regular basis since my girls hate my hard rock. lol

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