Friday, May 20, 2011

Adventures in Bicycling

I was going to blog about the rapture, but that's just a damn drag, so I'm going to show you my Mother's Day present from G, which isn't a drag at all.

Super cute.

You'd think they'd put a kickstand on a bike, right?

Anyway the first time I rode--shiny new bike-shoes nailed to the shiny new pedals--I toppled over onto our neighbor's front lawn with the bike still attached to my feet. He was mowing the lawn, so I'm pretty sure he didn't see me.

The other day, as I zipped along, a freaking BEE flew into the front vent of my helmet. I nearly took out a mail box. I am totally not kidding. Imagine having your shoes nailed to your pedals, while a bee buzzes inside your helmet. The first thing I thought of, after I ripped my helmet off, was that passage in The Shining, or maybe it's in Christine (both by Steven King) where the narrator wonders how many people have died in car wrecks because the driver encountered an unexpected stinging insect. Do you remember that? Well, it's REAL, man. Real.

The last time we had a day without rain (Saturday) G took me on what he termed a 'mildly' challenging hill ride. If you discount the whiny moment when I called him a dick, and the fact that I had to dismount and push my bike (just once), it went pretty well! No spills. No bees. Just a lot of sweat, a little rain, and some foul language.

I'm making progress.

And I'm nearly fit enough to bike Tuscany with the family in June. G and I are down a combined 55 pounds, we're strong, we've got the ugly crotch-padded shorts and cute fingerless gloves, and as long as the damn rapture is postponed until July, we're ready for Italy.

Here's hoping you all have a happy, bee-free, Friday.



Chris said...

You go, LB, you go! Woot! :)

I've toppled sideways with my bike before - it was in gravel and a titch messy.

Tracy said...

Oh to be a fly on the wall...or a bee in your helmet. lol

You go girly. I'm so proud of you and can't wait to hear all about said bike trip.

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