Thursday, January 20, 2011

Twisted Series and Panties

Organization or chaos, what's your flavor?

As far as book series are concerned... *cue the music*
Let's start at the very beginning, its a very good place to start...
*I'll give you super bonus points if you tell me what movie that song is from.*

I like to start at the beginning and work my way through.
I'm not a big fan of cliffhangers either. *coughfeverseriescough*

But just recently my panties got all in a twist when I realized I had started at the END of the Black Dagger Brotherhood series.

That's right, kiddies and folks!

I, the lover of all things organized,
the seductress of straight and tidy,


have been thrown into book series chaos... and I kinda like it!

My convoluted trip started with book number 7, Lover Avenged. Rehvenge's story plunged me into the murky depths of deception within the Black Dagger Brotherhood.

And totally fed my hunger for this super DARK urban fantasy. I had to know what happened next in Book 8, Lover Mine. John Matthew's story was more twisted tales and eerie recollections.

Pretty much hooked, I bought a beautiful box set of Books 1 through 6 and proceeded to travel backwards in time. Starting with Dark Lover, I learned all about the unspoken traditions that were left out of the end books.

Moving through the series on the proper course, I cried for Rhage, was tickled black to see John Matthew as a pretrans, and terrified as I felt akin to V with my visions of the future.

Though I never would have set out to ruin a series with spoilers by reading the last book first, it was an awesome thrill ride to figure out how all the pieces would ultimately fit.

Now I'm on to the Fallen Angel Novels. The Brothers pass in and out of Ms. Ward's new series like a haunting reminder of that parallel world, adding another layer on the evil Caldwell cake.

Hop on the Chaos train, my pretties, and ditch the panties. ;)


Amara Devonte said...

LOL, silly, you're not supposed to start at the end. I will admit thou, I started in the middle I think. And LOVED them. Haven't read John's book yet. But...V, he's my guy. Mmmmmm... V!

Artemis said...

I'm somewhere in between: Organized chaos. Yes, there is such a place. Haven't read JM's book yet. Will get to it right before the newest release gets here. And still have to read the newest Fallen Angel. (Not enough time, too many books.) But I did happen to start at the beginning. DARK LOVER was the very first romance novel I ever picked up to read. (Hey, I'm still considered a rookie in some circles.) Wrath was my first and will always remain my dearest.


Sweet Vernal Zephyr said...

@Amara - I'm reading V's story right now!

@Artemis - I know what you mean about too many books... and *~*Super Massive Bonus Points*~* for you!!! Now I shall gift you with the musical scale singing in your head the rest of the day. :)

Chris said...

I prefer to read a series in order. But I've been known to, for example, read the only m/m book from a series and none of the others...

Sweet Vernal Zephyr said...

@Chris - Ahh, culling out the scenarios you like. Yeah, that is usually how I get sucked INTO a series.

Lily said...

I don't think my OCD could stand reading a series out of order. Paperback series have to be in the correct sequence on the bookshelf and ebooks have the series name and number before the title so they line up right. :)

I only read up to book five in this series but lately it's been calling me. Sometime this year I hope to read the rest. It may take a bit of getting used to since I've been reading only m/m for a few years but I've got this one plus a couple more het series I want to finish.

Jenre said...

Oh good grief, I'm hyperventilating at the thought that you read the series backwards! I could never do this. I get worked up enough when I accidentally read a book that's part way through a series!

*goes for a lie down*

Heather D said...

I am in between kind of gal. If the series really needs to be read in order I am a stickler for it, BDB was definitely read in order!!

DoReMi from the Sound of Music

Tracy said...

So did you not know about the other books or you just figured you'd jump on in?

I truly loved the first 3 BDB books and have enjoyed some of the others. The last one was getting back up to par with what I expect from Ward so hopefully the next one will be out of the park. I want more romance in my BDB romance! lol

I used to be such a freak about reading things out of order and wouldn't even buy a book if I suspected that it was in a series. I've become much more lax. I still prefer to read in order but if I have to go back and catch up it's a-ok.

Thanks for posting!

Sweet Vernal Zephyr said...

@Lily - I loved the last books in the series. You should guard your loins and go for it even though the m/m thread is disastrously weak.

@Jenre - Didn't mean to upset you! Here, have a glass of water. ;)

@Heather - ***Extra Bonus Points for you*** You are a lucky girl to have read the series in order AND know the joy of SOM.

@Tracey - I think I didn't realize I was at the end of a series... I tend to skim book blurbs sometimes. And I have a girlfriend that used to avoid series like the plauge, but I've since brought her around to our side!

Jamie Manning said...

Excellent mini-review! I hope to get the first one this looking forward to falling into this world.

And thanks for the Hawtness of the Moment...Lord have mercy he's hawt!!

Sweet Vernal Zephyr said...

Jamie - Thanks so much for stopping over to visit! :D I do so hope you will enjoy the plunge into BDB land!!!

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