Friday, November 5, 2010

Paula Eykelhof, Executive Editor, MIRA Books

I hope you all slept well last night. Here on the island things were quiet. Peaceful. I'm expecting more activity tonight. It's Friday night! And we're going in search of a Pina Colada.

In the meantime, my editor, Paula Eykelhof landed here on the island late yesterday. I'm turning today over to her. She'll be reading all comments so please give her a nice welcome! Paula and I have been working together since my fifth book. We just finished number fifty four. The books would not be nearly as good as they are without her half of the contribution. So, everyone, this is Paula...

Tara and I have worked together, on and off, since the early 90s, so you could say we know each other well.

I feel I know her characters well, too. If you’re familiar with Tara’s work, you’ll see what I mean. She has the ability to go deep into their psychologies and emotions—no clich├ęd, generic or shallow characterizations here. Their motivations and reactions are complex. Real. And they believably generate the plot. Tara doesn’t give in to the all-too-easy temptation of imposing plot on characters or creating characters to fit the action.

These people stay with you, and that’s exactly why. The stories stem from their individual histories and personalities. And of course—connected to that, an important part of that—from the work they do.

Take Kelly Chapman, for instance. She’s the character who links the stories in “The Chapman Files.” Kelly’s a psychologist, which leads her to look at people closely, to get involved in their lives—and yet…to keep her distance from them. But in the course of these four books we see her change and grow, much as her clients do. And the chief way that happens is through her relationships—her increasingly strong personal friendships with cop Samantha and lawyer Erin, her growing romantic relationship with FBI agent Clay Thatcher. And of course the most difficult but in many ways most rewarding relationship of all—as the adoptive mother of young Maggie Winston.

While the stories have emotional intensity and depth, don’t think they’re about a bunch of people sitting around exploring their angst. Far from it! There’s lots of excitement, fast-paced action, mystery, twists and turns. The point is you care about what happens—it’s more than just adrenaline—because you care about these people who are caught up in sometimes terrifying events. You can clearly see (at least by the end of the story) how they themselves, knowingly or not, contributed to those events. Even if it isn’t through any action or response of their own, you can see how their personal histories played a role…

If you’re new to Tara’s books, these four—The First Wife (a Superromance), The Second Lie, The Third Secret and The Fourth Victim (all MIRA titles)—which make up “The Chapman Files” are a great place to start. They’re all available as ebooks and audio books as well as print. And if you’ve read her in the past, you won’t want to miss this series!

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The Third Secret by Tara Taylor Quinn. MIRA, ©2010. ISBN 9780778328346 (paperback), 400p.


Darla said...

Good Morning Paula, nice to meet you! I personally think you have something with the Chapman Files and I for one would love to see more!

Tracy said...

Welcome Paula! It's so nice to see that the two of you (you and Tara) have stuck together for so long. I think that kind of friend relationships make the working relationships that much stronger. Thanks so much for joining us today.

Anonymous said...

Hi Paula,

I agree with Darla! I'm reading The Third Secret now and when Kelly Chapman thinks of a case in the beginning about a teenager and a baby, I thought that could be an interesting story!

Mary M

Tara Taylor Quinn said...

Darla, Tracy, Mary,

I hope you're enjoying the island! Paula has flown back to Canada for the weekend, but she'll be back on Monday to reply to your posts!

Darla said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Darla said...

Yes, lying back in the sun on the lounger reading The Third Secret...later a walk on the beach! Awwwww nice!

Lynda K said...

Hi Paula! It's good to meet you! What a dynamic duo!!

This is a wonderful stop - a beach, drinks, a fantastic book, and great company! I may never leave..... Thanks for a perfect start to the weekend.

dikladies.guest said...


If you stay permanently, please at least take spot visits off the island! We'd miss you horribly if you didn't!

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