Monday, September 27, 2010

Seasonal Reading Habits?

Well its that time again and my boyz and I have taken over the island for the next next three days so grab yourself a hammoc, a cocktail from the bar and lets dive on in!

As always when my days blogging are approaching I start to ponder what my topics will be...........

Today I am going with the seasons and how they influence my reading habits.

Call me strange, but my favourite season is late fall and winter, I love curling up in my comfy chair beisde the heater/fire depending what house I am in, grabbing a book and a mug of hot chocolate and settling in to escape into the lives of the characters.

But not only this I also find that my reading genres also change, in the Winter I find that I gravitate towards crime thrillers something about the encroaching darkness of the evenings and the howling wind and rain pounding on the window (well that is normal for Ireland) enhances the experience for me. Authors such as Karen Rose, Karin Slaughter, Tess Gerritsen and the early Patricia Cornwell are right up my street in achieving this for me

I still read my Romance Genre but I also find that I start to look for stories set in the Winter and have snow on the ground etc etc, authors like Janet Chapman, Sheryl Woods to name just two becuase the list could be an entire post alone!!

Especially Janet Chapman's Charming the Highlander I will never forget the night I settled in the read this all alone in the house the fire blazing, and a storm raging outside it was bliss.

It wasn't until my significant other pointed it out to me recently that I truly realised that I had different seasons reading habits and when I sat down and thought about it I dicovered the truth in the matter. Well at least something god came out of the revelation I realised that he has been taking note of the books that I have been reading and bring back into the house although I think he is starting to get worried about the amount of books that I have been bringing home of late but I digress.

So how about you, do you find that your reading habits change with the seasons or do your reading habits stay the same in the warmer regions all year around and I'm not just talking about the hotness of our heros!


LesleyW said...

I think I probably do read more in winter. Not any specific genre, just more books in general. I think (for some reason) I ahve more time. Maybe it's the nights getting darker earlier? And I think when the weather gets depressing books are such a comfort thing.

Tracy said...

I don't think my genre's change but I do read more holiday romances around Christmas time.

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