Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Ain't No Cure For the Summertime Blues (Or Is There?)

Ahh, summer. A time of relaxation, long days at the beach or by the pool. Barbecues and picnics. Vacations to far away destinations. Who doesn't love summer?


Yes, I have a confession to make. I hate summer.

In theory, summer is wonderful. See the aforementioned barbecues, picnics, vacations, &c. But theory and practice are often two very different things.

I think my dislike of summer began fairly early, soon after I became too old for day camp. Slumber camp didn't work out (I wasn't really ready yet to spend so long away from home), which left me with huge swaths of time and nothing to do. I started having summer jobs when I was 13. So it wasn't exactly fun in the sun for me. Plus, my expectations for the summer were always very high. I expected adventure, transformation. How many times have we read or seen, It was a summer I'll never forget, the summer where everything changed. Summer lovin'. A magical summer. Blah, blah, blah. The only thing magical about summer for me was how my summer school teacher made world history magically boring. (NB: I write paranormal historical romances.)

Some people love summer for the weather. Sunshine and warm days. I grew up and continue to live in Los Angeles. We have sunshine and warm days 90% of the year. Summer just means it's unpleasantly hot and smoggy, plus my apartment doesn't have air conditioning, so the cat and I stretch out on the floor, hoping for a cool breeze.

I had summer jobs all through grad school, and then, when I did finally get all my degrees and joined the regular workforce, summer meant nothing except going to the office and sweating in my business clothes. I'd drive home and see kids outside their houses, playing on their Slip-N-Slides, drawing on the sidewalks, or else being dropped off from camp. It's like they were taunting me from their Big Wheels. Summer fun, and you're not having any!

Oh, one other problem with summer? My birthday is right at the end of it. No one is ever in town, and it often coincides with Labor Day. Birthday parties have always been sparsely attended. Happy Birthday to me. Here's a cupcake with a single candle in it. Now I'll go weep into my Hi-C punch.

Okay, I'll admit it. I've had some good summers. I went to Ireland in the summer between my junior and senior year of high school. Backpacking through Europe with a friend during grad school. Hiking and canoeing with my husband in Glacier National Park last year. Fun can be had during the warmer months. But I like autumn better. Better weather. Better clothes.

Admittedly, this summer is going to be extra-long and difficult for me. Why? Because my new romance series, The Blades of the Rose, launches in September, with successive titles being released each month through December. That's right, four books, no waiting! This series has been long in the making. The launch title, Warrior, is definitely the book of my heart, combining adventure, magic, romance and action in an unusual setting. As a lifelong lover of the Indiana Jones movies and other high adventure tales, I had wanted to write a romance in that same vein for years.

Now, my dream is finally coming true. But not until September.

If only summer was over!

So tell me, in the comments: how do you feel about summer? Do you love it? Hate it? How do you cure the summertime blues? And is there anything you're looking forward to this autumn?

Have a gr8 summer, c u at the beach, KIT,


Lucy Woodhull said...

I LOVE Summer! The weather, the flirty dresses, the long hours of beloved daylight. You'd think such a sun lover wouldn't be so pale, though...

SonomaLass said...

I love summer. I'm a teacher who doesn't do summer school, so June & July are my months off. My partner is British, and summer is usually the only time we can take a trip back to visit friends and family in England and Scotland. So for me, summer means freedom, extra time with my family, and travel. All good things.

Plus I live in wine country, where summers are warm and sunny but rarely too hot or humid. I have childhood memories of Los Angeles summers, smoggy and SO hot, so I fully understand your different view point, Zoe!

You should be coming with us to RomCon; I understand Denver will have delightful weather this weekend!

Rachel Jameson said...

Sorry to comment so late! The day completely got away from me!

I have to agree on the LA summers. We have no a.c., the house is almost a hundred, so if I'm upstairs, I live with the large fan about half a foot away from me, and constantly spritz water at it. That's only bearable for a few hours at the most, so I tend to live downstairs in the summers.

I do have fond memories of summer as a child. I lived at the pool practically, that and the horse barns. I think for most of us, as we age, summer belongs to that idyllic childhood past.

So excited for your whirlwind release extravaganza this fall!

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