Monday, May 24, 2010

Romance in a different Country

Well its that time again! When I take off into the sunset and arrive here at the Island.

Woo I'm delighted to be here on the Island with my menz for the next three days and boy am I looking forward to the time off from the normal day to day slog to spend some time relaxing, drinking cocktails and ooogling the hot men here on the Island!

So what to blog about for the coming days...........? I've been thinking long and hard about it and I have a couple of ideas flitting around in my head.

Today's topic is Romance set in a Different Country.

Personally, for me if a book is set in the Highlands or Scotland in general then I'm sold, sometimes I don't even read the blurb on the back of the book just pick it up and go, and if I'm being honest its worked for me I have discovered a few crackers in the books I've picked up just because they've been set in Scotland.

For some its Regency England, Ireland, the rest of Europe, or America. There seems to be something out there to suit everyone and an abundance of them is to be had!

My absolute favourite series set in Scotland has to be the Outlander series! No
matter how many times I read this series I still fall in love every single time.
There are so many fabulous fan video's dedicated to this series on YouTube, you could spend hours looking at them here is just one of many which I fell in love with today. Although if you have looked at my menz lately you'll know I have one of the men from Diana Gabaldon's series with me!

Being Irish I also really enjoy series that have been set here in Ireland and knowing the places that are in the story, alot of the time I know where they're set and can visit them which for me always makes for a richer reading experience. I love Karen Marie Moning's Fever series which is set here in Dublin, although I am a little concerned that I apparently live in the Dark Zone!!

So how about you??

What is your favourite country for a book to be set in?

Do you like when you have first hand knowledge of the place?

Until tomorrow.......... Roger darling please bring me another Pina Colada!


Kris said...

Being in Australia, I grew up reading books that were set in other countries. All over the place in actual fact. It might sound weird but it's kind of much of a muchness for me now.

I wonder if that's why I enjoy the world building of UF and fantasy so much... Something to ponder.

Great topic, Amanda. :)

KC Burn said...

I have to admit, I'm also a sucker for books set in Scotland. Although, being a native of Toronto, Canada, I do enjoy reading books set there, too. I like recognizing landmarks in books, especially if they're a little obscure. If I'm wandering past a place described in a book I like, I amuse myself imagining the characters there, recreating the scene - I realize that may make me sound a little crazy :)

ElaineG said...

I also love books set in Scotland.....or ABOUT Scottish men lol! Karen Marie Monings Highlander series is fabulous! I also love Sherrilyn Kenyons Dark-Hunter (and Dream-Hunter and Were-Hunter series, set mostly in New Orleans)....I live in a small town in Northern California, so, after much thought, I guess you could say ANYWHERE other than where I am from piques my interest *grins*

Jessica said...

There is just something about Scotland that calls to imagination and lust! I also fell for Gabaldon and Moning's books and re-read them every so often.

Pern, is another place I love. Even though it'strictly SF, the pictures one gets from the great reading of Anne McCaffrey, is intense.

Amanda said...

Hi Kris, Oh I love the world building in fantasy and UF.

KC don't worry I don't think you're crazy I soooo start imagining the characters in the places I know.

ElaineG how could I forget the Scottish men!!? I adore KMM's highlanders too!

Jessica I have heard great things about the Pern series and its one I often mean to read I love Fantasy and SF too.

Thanks for stopping by!

Tracy said...

I love regency England but I'm a total sucker for stories that are set in Scotland. Not sure why but there ya go. :)

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