Saturday, January 16, 2010

Jill Myles on Hot Wings

For Jill's last day on the island, she discusses hot angel men in books... (excuse to post some hot men pictures)

Hot wings!

No, not the appetizer - the men. Are you in the mood for wings? Because it seems that paranormal romance is! The vampire is a perennial favorite, of course, and the demon hero offers that bad-boy edge that everyone loves. But the up and coming hero flavor that is bound to set the next trend? Wings. Angels. Sexy, sexy angel men. Here are a few of my favorite reads that feature men of the winged persuasion.

ARCHANGEL by Sharon Shinn -- This one is actually about thirteen years old, but it's as good now as it was the first time I read it. It's the story of Rachael, who is an Edori slave girl, and she is chosen by Jovah as the bride for Gabriel, a very surly and sexy archangel. It's set in a fantasy world where angels rule over the common people, and it is one of my favorite books ever. The heroine is a bit of an unlikeable girl, but don't let that stop you. GABRIEL = HOTNESS.

ARCHANGEL'S KISS by Nalini Singh -- Bringing back the alpha male hero and attaching wings to him? Genius. The hero in this book is Raphael, and he's the alphaest of alpha males. Used to ruling over both human and vampire, he doesn't think much of Elena, the human heroine, until she starts to get under his skin. How sexy is this guy? On a scale of one to ten? He breaks the scale. Smoking hot.

DEMON BOUND by Meljean Brook - Meljean's heroes (and sometimes heroines!) are actually Guardians -- not quite angels. But they have wings and are hot, so who effing cares, right? The hero of this book, Jake, is my favorite. He's relatively new to being a guardian and still has puppyish tendencies and boyish enthusiasm. I have to admit that I was initially skeptical that a younger hero could capture my attention, but Jake is hottttttttttt hot. And the way he goes after his heroine? Raises my temperature a few notches. Highly, highly recommended.

A MERMAID'S KISS by Joey Hill -- Joey Hill started a series with mermaids and angels. I KNOW. Two of my favorite things, effortlessly combined with Joey Hill's smoking hot sex scenes. How can one possibly go wrong? You can't. The first book of this series stars Anna the mermaid, but nobody cares about her. What you need to know - Jonah, the hero, is the angel in charge of the goddess's legion of troops. He's immortal, and broody, and wounded and desperately needs someone to love him. *fans self*

HUSH, HUSH by Becca Fitzpatrick -- Okay, so I haven't read this one yet, but how hot is that cover?

HEART OF DARKNESS by Gena Showalter -- Another one I haven't read yet, but intend to! The hero in this one is an angel, and the heroine is a harpy. Sounds like the ultimate in win to me. Plus, Gena's stuff is funny and sexy to boot.

GENTLEMEN PREFER SUCCUBI by Jill Myles - Wait, how did this get in here!? It's by this new author and it stars a succubus who is torn between a fallen angel and a sexy vampire, and there are definitely some wings involved...

So that's my list of favorite books that star winged heroes. Did I miss anything? :)


The Queen B said...

Those pics are def Yum. *sigh* What were we talking about?

Diane NYC said...

Great list! You should add "Wings" by J.C. Owens. It is filled with hot winged warrirors. It was one of my favorite books of 2009. The cover is gorgeous.

Houston A.W. Knight said...

Love the sexy angel!


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